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Being powerful together using everyone's unique strength

Every company thrives because of the people who work in it. And these people deserve to be seen and valued. They deserve to be aware of their own needs and to respect them. Only once we are able to see and feel the value we bring, are we able to see and support the value others bring. 

Is this exactly what you desire in your company with? To support every individual to thrive?

Mit den Stärken jedes Einzelnen gemeinsam wachsen

My work with companies ranges from individual coaching to online programs to on-site team days - always aligned with what your company needs at the moment.

I support you to ...

... build connectedness withinin your teams.

... access your intuition when it comes to your individual style of leadership and then to follow it to create your unique way of leading.

... see people and their very own potential - because I strongly believe that when a company truly sees everyone and value's their uniqueness, the success of the company is inevitable.

... resolve unspoken conflicts so that the workplace is a place where people feel comfortable and enjoy spending their time.

... establish an environment where honest communication is at the very center, as this is the foundation for moving through change and crisis in a healthy way.

With me, you don't book anything prepackaged. Everything is individually tailored to you and your team.
Nothing exists twice.

Always new, always intuitive.
Always aligned with your needs.

I am not a trainer. I don't teach anything. I don't make PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets - our time together is too precious for that. You work with me to get into everything that can't be taught: the interpersonal, the depth, the connection.

When people get to know each other better, they can work together much more wonderfully. When they have space to address exactly what moves them, it releases energy for new concepts and ideas, and in turn, it moves the company forward. And this is exactly the space we create: In small groups, large groups, in silence, with a lot of self-awareness - from impulse talks to meditation to breathing exercises. Everything we do has a deep sense of togetherness as its goal.

I have a structure, I'm professional, and I have a plan, but I don't stick to it. I go with what your business needs. My goal is always for people to walk out of each meeting stronger, feeling and knowing each other more, and feeling more connected to the group.

Immer neu, immer intuitiv. Immer ausgerichtet an deinen Bedürfnissen.
The topics of my heart are:

Authentic Leadership
Leadership Coaching
Communication at eye level
Recognizing & resolving conflicts

Peter, Executive (B2B Marketing Company)

Working with Hanna was - without a doubt - one of my best experiences.

She is a wonderful coach and incredibly talented when it comes to team building and connection. She has helped me and my team - like no one has ever done before.

Authentic Leadership für Unternehmen

Examples of my work in the past were: 

  • Two-year mentoring of trainees to support them in the areas of communication, conflict and personal development.

  • Team days to get to know each other better and to build resilience in the team.

  • Authentic Leadership Program (online over six months) for managing directors.

  • Workshop with follow-up support on the topic of conflict management for the management level.

  • Two-day workshop on core value assessment for founders.

  • Individual coaching for executives to develop their intuitive leadership style

If you desire happiness, connection and balance for yourself, your business and your team, then let's find your unique path together!

Dein Team in ihre eigene Kraft bringen
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