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Frauen sind lebendige und zyklische Wesen

Your most valuable journey is the journey to yourself.

You deserve to know who you are, to follow your own path and to stand up for yourself. To feel connected to your heart and your body and to give yourself all the support you desire in your life. Is that what you long for? For more of yourself?

My individual work is always geared towards the needs of the person I am working with.

It is a unique blend of body-oriented trauma work, breathwork and coaching. The focus is always on you. This is how we solve exactly what is holding you back from taking the next step in your life.

In this work I support you ...

... to find your place in life.

... look at old wounds that won't let you go and free yourself from them.

... to feel at home in your body.

... to perceive your intuition and follow it.

... to trust.


Do you desire to feel at home in your body and in yourself? To live in harmony with yourself?

This is exactly where everything begins and ends.
In your body. In your connection to yourself.

Over the last decade, I've been very fortunate to learn so many methods and healing practices from different cultures. I combine and blend them intuitively and never enter a session or a retreat with a script. Every session is unique because it's you and your needs that decide where your path leads.

My work is a blend of Somatic Work, Shamanic Breathwork, Dance, Ceremonies, Rituals, Classical Conversational Coaching, Body-based Trauma Healing and many things in between. Everything is unique and caters to the moment. But what is always central: My work brings you into your body. Your body is your compass. Your access to your power. Your home in this life. 

Find your place.
And give space to everything that is inside of you.


With me you will be completely seen for where you are and at the same time challenged to go deeper. You will come into feeling. You will feel what is there and what wants to unfold - Crying, Screaming, Laughing, Loving, Lust, Anger and everything in between. In my work all parts of you are given space so that you can take your place in life and live the way it feels right for you. Everything that is inside of you can finally come to the surface. And my work is exactly this place - a space for you!

Traumatherapie ist für alle von uns so wichtig.
To get a sense of how our work might look like, here are a few examples from past years:
  • Individual work to find your own place in life. 

  • Individual work to find out why the body is often ill and what is behind it. 

  • 4-day private retreat to look at and resolve an issue that keeps coming up. 

Laura, UK

“For me, working with Hanna means finding my true purpose and living a more meaningful, fulfilling and healthy life. By combining shamanic and tantric spiritual practices, breathwork and modern coaching, Hanna supports your personal growth in a very special way and helps you find out what really defines you."  

Are your curious?

Then let's talk and find out if I can accompany you a bit on your journey.

Eine Frau, die steht und sich vom Leben halten lässt

I work with you online on Zoom or in my practice space between Hamburg and Kiel.

Ein wunderschöner Praxisraum zwischen Hamburg und Kiel
Ein Raum, wo alles von dir sein darf!
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