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Hanna Ruddies Beratung Coaching Sexualtherapie

A place for you

From trauma work and body-oriented healing to women's retreats, corporate coaching and team building.

Hello, I'm Hanna.

I am here to offer a safe space, where growth, healing, love and liberation naturally emerge. I love the real, the authentic. That which is perhaps still hidden. That which makes you unique.

You in your power.

You in your uniqueness.

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My work in the corporate world - from team building to personal development.
And my work with people like you and me - from trauma work to coaching.

Two hearts beat in my chest:

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Hanna Ruddies Körpertherapie Du sehnst dich danach in deinem Körper zuhause zu sein? Dich zu spüren? Dann bist du bei mir genau richtig.
Two worlds, one goal:
Going deep together.

I have worked in various companies for many years and love this world. I like to bring more humanity and authenticity to companies. More balance. To focus on the strengths of each individual and thus create real cohesion.

And then bridging that with the work that has changed my life: Somatic work. Helping people to resolve old wounds and find their home in their own bodies. To support women in coming into their own feminine power. To find their place in this world. 

Because I firmly believe that we need both. More humanity. More uniqueness. That's what I live for.

"For me, Hanna is the greatest role model for living a deeply authentic, feminine life."


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"For me, Hanna has great magic and a beautiful gift. She travels with me into the depths of my soul and body with such ease and dedication. Hanna is the most precious mentor I could ask for on the path to a more alive, healer, freer, happier version of myself"

Debora (women's work)

"You are simply a jackpot! I got to experience once again how refreshingly different you work. I'm so amazed about how much we've moved in such a short time. [...] You always manage to pick everyone up exactly where they are at."

Maria (team leader)

"By working with Hanna, I finally managed to release old patterns and trust my feelings more. I have never felt so safe and this has helped me to finally look at my childhood traumas. Thank you Hanna."

Simon (1:1 work)

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A little peek inside my magical and beautiful practice space between Hamburg and Kiel:
'Casa Nurture'

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