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It's time to birth the new you!

The Seed of Creation


Registration closed!

A collaboration
Hanna Ruddies
Helena Mercera

Womb Specialist & Femininity Coach meets Spiritual Doula & Ceremonialist


The Seed of Creation.

A retreat...

... for those desiring to engage with their own unique wisdom and creational power. For all women who want to birth a child, initiate a new project or rebirth themselves.

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When we turn to nature and her cycles we see that energy is constantly flowing and transforming. It goes through phases of growth, expansion, deterioration and disintegration. When a cycle is at its peak, the flower drops her seeds, so new life can form again. A seed will only flourish when the environment provides the essential nutrients.

In this retreat we will walk through these natural principles through our human bodies and our divine souls. We will be guiding you towards inner transformation which inevitably leads to outer transformation.


You’re here to create from the depth of your being.

“There is an Energy of Creation moving through each and every one of us. It runs through our veins, but many of us have forgotten how to connect with her flow. She births every new project that we bring into the world and every single being that gets to come onto our Earth.

We create.

That is what we do.

That is what we are here for.

In our own unique way.


The Seed of Creation is a week-long retreat that brings you back in touch with your creative energy. It supports you to remove wounds and traumas that have placed blockages around your creative energy, so that you can birth your new project or baby”


"This is a retreat to help women with fertility.  That being said, not all women are meant to mother a child. A time has come where we must use our motherly love and devotion for passions and projects that support the collective. This retreat is therefore not exclusively to increase fertility in order to conceive a child.  It is a gathering for all women who feel a longing to birth a transformational energy from their womb, from the seat of creation, and who want to be able to nourish this with their own light and wisdom. 


We are being asked to activate and ignite our creational power, to plant our seeds in fertile ground, to nourish them and watch them flourish."


The Seed of creation isn’t just a journey into the womb space, it is about opening yourself up for your own light!


Come join us in the south of Portugal and let untouched nature speak to you.

Our home: 200ha of wild land

We will be staying at a secret location in the Algarve, Portugal –

between Aljezur and Odexeice.


This is no official Retreat Center, it’s more than that.

200ha land, 10 wild horses, 5 private beaches, endless cliffs, 4 domes, 1 temple space, outdoor kitchen and no other humans.


We feel truly grateful that our friend is opening his home for us once again to lead this powerful retreat. You will be staying in shared Domes (see the picture) with 3-5 other women. Each Dome has a toilet and warm shower.

There is a bus going from Faro and Lisbon to the village close by (from which you walk 20-30 minutes to our home). Or you can come by car (we will share everyone’s contact a few weeks before the retreat for shared travel arrangements).

Throughout seven days you will experience
wild nature, simplicity and deep connection.

Special Guest

Nude Shootings
with  Michelle 


Explore your sensuality and celebrate your body.


Michelle, our dear friend and creative artist behind our pictures and illustrations on this page, will be once again with us during the retreat to offer nude shoots. She has an incredible eye and talent to portrait your timeless beauty through her lens. She walks the path of guiding women towards more self love and acceptance through naked photography sessions.

"For me, nude shoots were in the end deeply healing on all kinds of levels. It's a process that starts small from within by saying yes to transformation."  Michelle

You can view her work here. Her special price for our retreat is 150€ per shoot including 5 edited pictures. 


About us

Hanna is a Healer & Coach with her own practice for over 7 years. She has helped hundreds of women to connect with their creative energies through re-connecting with their womb spaces. She has helped them on a spiritual level to become pregnant, to remember their inner strength and to hear their inner voices. She has witnessed how healing naturally occurs when we get in touch with our bodies and heal the wounds and traumas that have been stored in there over generations and lifetimes.  She is an expert in femininity, womb healing and shamanic arts and is truly excited to bring her wisdom to this retreat. 

Helena is a Spiritual Doula, a Midwife's Apprentice and Birth Ceremonialist. Through channeling she focusses on helping pregnant women before, during and after birth. During ceremonies she taps into multidimensional worlds and carefully translates messages from your Spirit guides. Her approach is powerful yet gentle and promotes clarity & wholeness for your path ahead. In this retreat she provides you with her knowledge on how we can invite fertility, and bring the spiritual and unseen aspects to light. In this retreat we pave the way and fuel your creational power to come to life. 

Find out more about Helena here

Find out more about Hanna here

Example schedule:

8.00 - 9.30 Feminine Morning Practice

Delicious Vegan Breakfast

Slot for 1:1 session with Helena and private naked photo shooting with Michelle

Yummy Lunch

14.00 – 17.00 Afternoon Group Session


Occasional Evening Group Ritual

Dreamtime while watching the stars from your Dome

Did someone say food?

Our dear Chef Diana will be with us. Her food tastes like a journey through the elements, and she weaves the most delicious feminine flavors into her cooking. We feel super grateful that she will be staying with us and that she has said yes to cook in our beautiful outdoor kitchen!


This retreat is about creating fertile ground for your seeds & dreams to flourish.



Early Bird
until 01.06.24


(incl. VAT)

The price includes the entire week of accommodation, food, and our whole retreat program. The price does not include nude shoots, flight costs or travel to the location.

*We do have scholarship opportunities, please contact us for more*

Regular Price


(incl. VAT)

The price includes the entire week of accommodation, food, and our whole retreat program. The price does not include nude shoots, flight costs or travel to the location.

*We do have scholarship opportunities, please contact us for more*

Are you ready for a week of medicine?

liberation-7061 - Kopie.jpg

“The Retreat moved mountains in me. With each day I unwrapped myself more and more. The space Hanna creates and holds and the medicine she moves through you is so powerful and flushed my whole body that it completely opened up with everything what was hidden inside me. And moving through that together with other women is so strong, I know now how sisterhood feels like, this supporting and unconditional loving energy made me feel home and loving me again. 

It feels like my soul was just waiting to receive this medicine to truly unfold again, to be able to raise my voice and go out and share my unique wisdom.”


A retreat birthed to support women to activate their creative energies.

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