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It's so beautiful that you are here. It is important to me that you feel safe and totally held in all of the spaces I create which is why I would love to tell you a little bit more about myself. Maybe I will get to meet you soon, too?

I was born in the most beautiful city in the world

(at least that is what the people of Hamburg say)

After 13 years abroad, my inner voice has now led me back to northern Germany. Back to my roots with a suitcase full of wonderful experiences to my new home 80 km north of Hamburg. Here, I live in a beautiful house on 2 hectares of land with my dog Clara surrounded by fruit trees and quiet nature. 

In this beautiful countryside home, I have my own practice space that that feels like gentle and at the same time free healing. A place that offers you the space to find yourself.

My heart beats for the consistent and for the uncertain.
For the feeling of rootedness and for the feeling of freedom.

I love going deep. I love to name that which I feel is in space. I stand for living an authentic life and for not just going along with what everyone else is doing or what has been modeled for us, but instead to live exactly the way that our own being truly desires.


Shaped by one's own story,
freely determined by one's own self.

Every space I create is safe, authentic and free.

All the trainings I have done over the years have always been for me - first and foremost. For my path. Only after fully embodying the new and only after being deeply called to do so, have I shared my wisdom and experiences with the world.

I have specialized
in the following areas:

Authentic Leadership

Design Thinking


Femininity work

Womb healing

Shamanic Breathwork & Rituals

Dance therapy

Somatic trauma therapy



And if you don't find me in my practice space or at a workshop, you might find me at a hip-hop festival, a cross-fit studio, dancing tango, or just running through the gentle nature of the north with my dog Clara.

From silver shoes to rain jackets, everything is a part of me.

What I have learned along the way

I love to learn new things. Here you will get a small insight into which training and further education have brought me to where I am today:

to my work as an independent coach, trainer and healer.

Currently in two different trainings:  Craniosacral Therapist & Trauma Therapist (from Dr. Gabor Maté, called Compassionate Inquiry)

Training as a Femininity Coach - specialized in Shamanic Breathwork, Trauma Therapy, Female Sexuality, Cycle Work and Shamanic Rituals.



Specialization as womb healer &
Deepening as a sex therapist


Deepening as Design Thinking & Authentic Leadership Trainer

International Business Studies

with a focus on:

Social Entrepreneurship & Design Thinking



Intercultural Communication & Languages Studies

Do you want to know more?
Or just say hello?

I am very much looking forward to getting to know you.

You are welcome to get in touch with me whenever it feels right. 

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