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Let's liberate the woman inside of you!


I'm Hanna

Healer & Medicine Woman

​I am here to liberate your joy, your free expression, your femininity and you being comfortable in your own body.

I support women in healing deep traumas stored in their bodies (e.g. sexual trauma, lineage pain, womb disconnection)

Together we write a new script for your life.

My private sessions, private retreats and online programs  are for the women who want to live freely. 

Curious if my work could benefit you? Let's find out!


liberate yourself

A 2-month sexual healing journey for the women who are ready to liberate their own sexuality & sensuality.



Working with Hanna is a pelgrimage journey to unravel who you truly are. She invites your voice, your needs, your passion to come to the surface and simultaneously invites you to release and clear what ever is holding you back. This is not the work of one women, this is the work of many women.


Hanna taps into ancient women wisdom, and is supported by Mother Nature and her elements. It all melts together resulting into a healing journey that is divinely orchestrated through Hanna because she lives and breathes Love. In all forms. All day. Love for the Universe, Love for oneself and Love for all around her.


Thank you Hanna for sharing your lifework.

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Hanna is a natural teacher, evidently skilled in the practices she shares and so authentic in passing them on. What I respect so much about her is: Hanna is herself a committed practitioner of what she teaches. She is authentic and clear in her work. What she shares is what she loves and knows from direct experience.

I could not believe how a program held completely online could be so personal and real. There was something really special about connecting with Hanna’s work in the context of my own home - it brought it directly into my life.

For any sister that is yet to embark on this journey, I would just tell her to show up and trust the practices Hanna teaches. She knows what she is doing. I would not hesitate a second to recommend Hanna to anyone who feels called to explore the teachings she offers.



The best gifts are the least expected, and Hanna serendipitously entering my life and bringing me on a beautiful and magical healing journey was when I needed a little poke most, to open my heart to myself and others. Hanna spreads light and warmth, deeply listens to others' truth as they are able to voice it, respects others’ journeys and knew how and when to encourage me along my path with a quiet but deep conviction. Hanna’s gift lets her see right through to one’s soul, she always knew exactly what I needed and when.


She doesn’t use a one prescriptive way of healing, but brings together different traditions, wisdom and experiences to embark on a unique journey with you that opens up what lies deep within. Hanna will guide you to open your heart, share the beauty within you with the world, and heal what needs healing.

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I'd love to hear your story


and support you in liberating all of who you are.

Book a free call with me - let's simply connect and see where the journey takes us.

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"A Circle of Women may just be the most powerful force known to humanity."

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