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Be free. Be wild. Be sensual. Be soft. Be YOU.

healing . grounding . connecting . awakening

Whether you are a woman who is ready to fully unleash your feminine spirit, to dive into deep trauma healing, to really come back into your body or to simply connect with your womb, my purpose is supporting the awakening of your most authentic and embodied self.

Hi I'm Hanna

My gift is simply holding space for your soul to expand into its purest essence. I am here to remind you of your immense beauty, the magic of your body, of HER path and what happens when you exhale into your feminine path of living life.

My home is Portugal but life takes me to many magical places across the earth where I am gifted to share my work - in person and virtually. 


my offerings

  • healing


    I offer deep 1:1 healing work with women, focused on supporting the awakening of the feminine spirit through a variety of ancient healing arts.

  • events


    Learn more about upcoming retreats, workshops, programs, as well as online events designed to pick you up exactly where you are.

  • private retreats


    I offer 1:1 retreats, mom:daughter retreats, as well as private couple retreats. We'll go to exactly where your path is calling you to walk into.

  • coaching

    organisations + businesses

    I offer trainings, and workshops focused on developing empathy, team building, conscious communication, and authentic leadership. 


Carly P.

My work with Hanna focused on my womb, where I, unknowingly, was carrying around years of unresolved trauma, anger, and sadness. I remember from the very first moments my body relaxing into the safe space that Hanna created with her glowing energy and welcoming smile. Before we started she explained everything we would do and encouraged me to feel and experience it all in a way that was authentic to myself.


I realized after my session, which was incredibly intense and involved diving deeper into my body than I ever had, that it was only all possible because I felt profoundly safe, loved, and unjudged. Hanna helped awaken in me a connection with my womb and femininity that I had not felt in a long time. I recommend Hanna for anyone who is in profound need of (re)connecting with their body and understanding the power they hold within themselves.

Brooke E.

I had the privilege and honor working with Hanna during time of deep transition and could not have asked a better guide, supporter, and champion for my process. I never felt safer, or I have had a space better hold for me than the experience that I had with Hanna. Not only did she help me with the more esoteric and spiritual aspects of what my experiences were trying to teach me, she also offered a ton of structured, practical, tangible, action-oriented support to move me from chaos to clarity, from WTF to wisdom.

I would recommend Hanna to everybody and anybody regardless of what they are struggling with as long as they have an open mind and an open heart. She truly is the best of the best and there is no one else I'd trust as deeply as Hanna!

Laura B.

The best gifts are the least expected, and Hanna serendipitously entering my life and bringing me on a beautiful and magical healing journey was when I needed a little poke most, to open my heart to myself and others. Hanna spreads light and warmth, deeply listens to others' truth as they are able to voice it, respects others’ journeys and knew how and when to encourage me along my path with a quiet but deep conviction. Hanna’s gift lets her see right through to one’s soul, she always knew exactly what I needed and when.


She doesn’t use a one prescriptive way of healing, but brings together different traditions, wisdom and experiences to embark on a unique journey with you that opens up what lies deep within. Hanna will guide you to open your heart, share the beauty within you with the world, and heal what needs healing.

what clients say

"So follow, follow the sun,

The direction of the bird,

The direction of love.

Breathe, breathe in the air,

Cherish this moment,

Cherish this breath.

Tomorrow is a new day for everyone,

Brand new moon, brand new sun.”

- Xavier Rudd 

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