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womb connection

A 3-day self-paced online immersion to strengthen your connection to your feminine wisdom through connecting with your womb.

There was a time in my life where I felt so much pain during my period. I could barely sleep or walk. I even remember one time where I was attending a birthday party and my dad had to pick me up as I couldn't stand the pain inside my womb.


The amount of blood leaving my body felt so strange to me and everything felt like a massive pain cloud covering my body.


So, I started taking the pill and more painkillers. It was the only avenue that society showed me of how to handle my situation, to numb my pain. Taking the pill even led to a hormonal sickness which prevented me from getting pregnant.

And then, one day, I boarded a plane to Malaysia and threw up 8 times during that flight because of the heavy cramps inside my womb. And that was my wake-up call. After ignoring my pain and discomfort for over 10 years, it was finally enough ...

... and so I listened.


No more suppressing my pain with pills.
It was time to feel
and time to heal.

And crazy things started to happen ...


I started to feel my cycle.

I started to connect to my mother and my grandmother.

I started to feel like a true woman.

I started to hear this voice inside of my womb.

I started to trust my life more and more.

And this is now what I know to be true:

Your womb wants to speak through you.

Your womb desires to dance with you.

Your womb wants to release old pain.

Your womb desires for you to know all of YOU.

This is what SHE wants: Your womb wants to be fully alive!

And I'm here with you, telling you that it's safe to go there.

That her pain or her silence, is here to tell you a story and the more you can trust her, the more beauty and magic will reveal itself.


In this course,
we'll allow this part of you to fully blossom.

This course is my journey from pain to liberation.

This is the medicine that got me to where I am now.

I love to bleed and honour my blood with my whole heart.

Every decision I take within my business comes from my womb.

I surrender to the wisdom of my entire monthly cycle.

Every time I touch my womb, I can burst into tears due to the love I feel for her.

I live painfree ever since and can get pregnant.

This 3-day immersion is a masterpiece created by my womb for your womb.

It's time that we as women connect to our deep feminine wisdom

and heal the disconnect to our womb.

Are you with me?




womb connection

3 pre-recorded sessions

each approx. 75 minutes

+ lifetime access to the recordings

Each session you'll be guided into different ancient practices to feel your womb, to listen to her and to simply fall in love with her.

Your Investment: 111€

"I truly appreciate Hanna's work, the magic and love that is generously reflective in holding of containers and movements through such sacred transformations for us as women.


Hanna's work is a rhythmic guide back to our intuition, to lead us back home, on the the path that is ours within!"

Anna C.

"Hanna has a way of working with the feminine in the deepest feminine way. Her guidance is so clear, so intentional and so rooted in a distinct vision, and at the same time, she guides in a way that empowers me to do every journey from deep within myself. Everything is an invitation; I am never told what to do, and there is never one way to do it. And the invitation is always irresistible. And I just love working with Hanna. She makes me feel sensual, powerful, honest, connected and safe."


" The work with Hanna is so deep, so real, so pure … so different, so great - intuitive, magical and full of love, music and light.


Everyone should have a Hanna ...


Then life is so much more beautiful and magical ❤️❤️❤️


THANKS HANNA - I love you.”

Anna K.

Your womb has a vision!


womb connection


one time payment


Let me tell you my vision ...

 ... I see a world where each woman on this earth is fully in love with her womb. Where no numbing is practiced but instead every woman is truly  surrendering into the depth of her feminine core. And this course lays the foundation for this vision and I'm fully committed to supporting this transformation on this earth!

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