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The Unleashed Woman

A 5-week program into the wildness, truth & expression of your femininity.

She has been hidden.

.. tamed.

... restrained.

For way too long.

One has been scared by her immense power.

Her incredible wisdom.

Her ability to see the world.

But this is changing now.

It's beyond time to fully invite her into our lives.

Because she is our natural state of being alive.

She is us.

She is you.

She is me.

The Unleashed Woman.

This is an initiation into your own wild state of being alive.

Sister, this program is all about your throat.

Taking the leash off from around your neck

so that your wild state of being alive can be fully expressed.

During the 5 weeks, we'll travel through:

Unleashed Truth

Communicating your uncompromised truth.

Sometimes we don’t say what we actually want to say because we are afraid of people's reaction. However, whenever we don’t share our truth, we shrink. And whenever we speak our heartfelt truth, we come home.

Let's feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations with your loved ones. Let's be 100% honest in simple WhatsApp messages and let's share your purpose with the world unapologetically. When we do that in a grounded way, we walk through life being proud of who we are.

Your Unleashed
Expression & Voice

Releasing your raw sounds from the depth of your being. Our natural state of being is to make sounds when singing under the shower, is to ride the waves in the ocean while screaming out of joy and is to eat our favourite food and to let everyone know with our sounds that we love it.  Owning every sound that wants to come out of you so that you can express yourself unapologetically, makes you feel so free. It increases your pleasure in your life. 

Unleashed Movement

Allowing your body to move in her delicious ways. Sometimes we only move in the comfort of our own home but our natural way of living is to let our body be free everywhere - may it be dancing at the beach, moving your hips while eating your ice cream or touching your skin when experiencing a juicy moment. Our bodies desire to remember what it's like to let them move in their own rhythm - it makes us feel alive. It's like walking down the street and feeling so connected to who you are.

Unleashed Play

Our wild state of being alive is often found in play. Many of us have forgotten to play in life due to the way society has conditioned us. Our natural state is to play in the sand, to get dirty while jumping into the puddles or to stop the car spontaneously and to sing out loud to your favourite song with your best friend while everyone around can listen.

Our souls crave to express their inner child wisdom every single day so that we can embrace all parts of who we are.  

So amazing woman,

let's unravel all the elements within you that are preventing

Your Unleashed Woman

to fully express her wild natural state of being.

Curious to hear me talk about the Unleashed Woman program?

Listen to my last Instgram Live.

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What to know?

Opening Ceremony: 12th of September

And from then on:

Every Monday & Every Wednesday

7.30pm CEST on Zoom

Closing Ceremony: 13th of October

One week break for integration

(the week of the 27th of September)

(for exact dates check the faq below))

She has been asleep for way too long. Let us awaken her.


10 live sessions

Personally curated playlists

A container full of expression-truth-wildness

An unforgettable sisterhood experience that will change your life.

(555 means that a change is coming ;))


It will be an epic journey.

See you there ;)


Frequently asked questions

The timing of the sessions doesn't suit me - will you record everything?

Yes! My invitation is that you try to come love to as many sessions as you can. And of course, if you cannot come, everything will be available for you right after each session. We'll upload each session on our platform Podia where you can watch the replay in your own timing. And all the recordings will be available for you until we close our container.

My English is not as good - can I still join?

Trust your inner voice, sister. I had so many women join already who said their English is really bad and they had a truly wonderful experience. I'll upload all the additional material in German & English and in case you do not understand something in the live calls or want to ask something in German/your mother tongue, you can always do that.

How long does one session last?

Each session lasts between 90 - 120 minutes. Divine timing ;)

What are the exact dates for the live sessions?

Sunday, 12th of September 13th + 15th of September 20th + 22nd of September 4th + 6th of October 11th + 13th of October 27th of October: Integration Call * Each session lasting between 90 to 120 minutes

Mondays + Wednesdays, what will we do?

Each Monday, we'll have an input & live coaching session. Meaning that this session will be fully dedicated to speaking to our topic of the week and to answer your questions. Each Wednesday, we'll have a body session / body ceremony. Meaning that we'll be dedicating the entire session to integrating the learning into your body and also clearing your body from past wounds and traumas.

Will there be "homework"?

Yes and this is one part which excites me a lot about this program. Each week I'll give you specific tasks to do until we have our next session. Of course, you do them if you feel called to do - there is nothing you'll ever have to do if you don't wish to do it. But for me, it's super important that you take the learnings into your day-to-day life and out of our safe container. That's where the magic happens :)