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“Hanna touched me deeply.


In a moment in which I was disoriented and without direction, I started to work with Hanna. She accompanied me for a year. I have done a lot of therapy in my life which was good, but at a certain point I realized that it’s not deep enough. The work with Hanna was so deep, so real, so pure … so different, so great - intuitive, magical and full of love, music and light. She has stabilized me inside of myself and so much love for myself ignited. She paved the way for me to feel so comfortable in me with all the ups and downs that I feel so good, so I arrived at myself, as never before.


Everyone should have a Hanna … Then life is so much more beautiful and magical.


THANKS HANNA - I love you”


“You bring so much light into my life and onto this Earth, you’ve helped me grow in ways I’d never imagined possible over the years, and as I reflect on another year on this divine healing journey, I simply want you to know that I love you with all my heart, and my soul feels safe & sound knowing you are walking this planet/life/path with me.” 


"The Retreat moved mountains in me. With each day I unwrapped myself more and more. The space Hanna creates and holds and the medicine she moves through you is so powerful and flushed my whole body that it completely opened up with everything what was hidden inside me. And moving through that together with other women is so strong, I know now how sisterhood feels like, this supporting and unconditional loving energy made me feel home and loving me again. 

It feels like my soul was just waiting to receive this medicine to truly unfold again, to be able to raise my voice and go out and share my unique wisdom."


"Hanna has a way of working with the feminine in the deepest feminine way. Her guidance is so clear, so intentional and so rooted in a distinct vision, and at the same time, she guides in a way that empowers me to do every journey from deep within myself. Everything is an invitation; I am never told what to do, and there is never one way to do it. And the invitation is always irresistible."



"Hanna has accompanied me on my path for some time now and I am infinitely grateful for this encounter. From the first moment I felt safe with her with all that is, as if I were sitting in the lap of a loving mother, fully held, accepted, seen and loved. Through her being and working, I feel so much more true, so much more clear, so much more embodied, so much more loved, so much more free, so much more beautiful, so much more connected and so much more creative, so much more full of bubbling energy and so much more me! 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!"


“The work with Hanna helped me let go of my shame story (or better change my story), to acknowledge, understand and feel that my yoni is beautiful and deservant of limitless pleasure. I feel I am a woman with magical inner power and I am enough :)”

I feel I'm coming back home to myself! Every day I'm falling more in love with myself, I'm more aware of my emotions & feelings, and capable of deeper healing. I have learned to surrender more - instead of trying to control or understand everything, I choose to accept and have faith. I also feel empowered, wild and rocking my feminine energy, lol :-)"


“It was difficult for me to tell my partner I wanted to do a course on my sexuality and to spend the money. But I am SO glad I did it. I honestly think if I had not, I would not have ever opened this  connection to my body and to my desires, and it would have ruined my relationship with him.

I was very scared about getting in touch with my sexuality and awakening my body. I was afraid of what it would mean about myself or about whether it would be done correctly. I now realize everything is perfect and I can take my time and my body will guide me, and that I'm actually beautiful!

I am loving myself! It feels beautiful and cozy to be me. I feel creative and powerful. I feel like I have deeper emotions (of all kinds!) now and they are new to me, and I am exploring them."


"Although I haven't worked with Hanna before, my inner voice was convinced that this is what I need - NOW -, even when all my rationality tried to fight it. With Skepsis but trusting, I came to the retreat. Every day was different, my whole soul went through a journey like never before, with fear, friendship, laughter and tears. Until - I understood - why my intuition was screaming for this - I finally found myself in who I am. I left in acceptance and pureness. With Trust, surrendered to who I am. Knowing that all is possible. 

Thank you Hanna for changing everything. 

Meaning every word"



"One of, if not the greatest experiences of my life - I’m so glad I didn’t stop my self from joining this private retreat because my mind was trying to tell me I wouldn’t fit. I got so much out of this in terms of understanding and feeling myself and experiencing an amazing feeling of sisterhood that I didn’t know can exist.

The place itself was magical and the connection with nature incredibly calming.

I appreciated how safe the space that Hanna opened for us felt - there was no pressure to share or feeling of judgment- it came naturally to me. The challenge of a deeper connection to my body and heart amazed me and I am truly grateful for this deeply healing process.

I felt supported and guided every step of the way of my unforgettable journey.

Thank you so much ,Hanna, I feel like every session we had during this week gave me a gift that will forever stay in my heart."



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