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self-love retreat

A self-study online weekend retreat
to nourish each part of yourself.

When was the last time you really took time to be with yourself and to nourish your soul?

Not just taking a bath but to really take time for yourself to nurture all parts of who you are?


Beautiful woman, I've got something for you:

A pre-recorded self-love weekend retreat online which is here for you to slow down.

To slow down and to solely focus on yourself.


The invitation is to spend an entire weekend solely with yourself and for this purpose I've recorded five sessions for you: Friday evening till Sunday evening and during each session, you will be sharing love with each and every single part of who you are.

Sessions to open your heart, connect with your soul and nourish your entire body. From the inside and the outside.

Self-love is at the heart of everything.


The retreats begins with a shopping list with all the juicy and beautiful things I invite you to buy beforehand. The goddess inside of you will start glowing, buying everything that you really desire.


It's like treating yourself the way you deserve it.  

You'll get access to playlists I've crafted for you so that your body can surrender to the magic of music throughout the weekend and especially in between the sessions.

We want to make sure to nurture your entire body throughout the weekend.

And the invitation is that you simply relax and allow me to guide you through the weekend.


This weekend retreat is here for you for whenever you feel ready.

The way it's been recorded live is as follows:

Friday evening a session to open your heart.

Saturday morning a morning session to welcome your feminine spirit.

Saturday evening a delicious session to care for your entire body.

Sunday morning a nourishing feminine morning practice.

Sunday evening a heart, body & soul love session.

*Each session is 2 hours long.*

It's time to put yourself first.


For the entire weekend the focus will be: Y O U








Beautiful woman, if you ...

feel that it's time to slow down

have put other people before you

feel stressed, overwhelmed, ungrounded or scattered

know that you can love yourself more

don't really know what self-love actually feels like


simply feel inspired by my words.

Then come and surrender into this weekend of love.

Your investment

222 Euro

This is an investment of love into yourself.

You are so worthy of it.

You'll leave this weekend filled wtith love for yourself.

Fully nurtured.

Glowing with love around and inside of you.

So that you can surrender into the next week fully shining.

Are you ready to make a statement of self-love?

If yes, I'm super excited to open this container of love for you,


Frequently asked questions

How long will I have access to the recordings?

For you? For life!;)

I have questions during/after the sessions - can I reach out to you Hanna?

Yes! Although the sessions have been pre-recorded for you live, you can always leave questions on the platform where you find the recordings or you can send me an email. I'm available for you.