A 6-month program for 8 women who currently have the pants on in their lives!

Imagine that you are walking down your favorite street. On the left is this cozy café you adore and on your right is the place you love to go out for dinner. You’re wearing this incredible dress and the wind is blowing through it softly. 


The street is yours; at least this is exactly what you are feeling. And you are so freaking damn proud to be a woman. Your feminine is leading the way on the street and deciding where to turn next - you always listen to your intuition. 


Your breasts are shining and you have the feeling that they are talking to the whole universe. Your vagina is vibrating full of bliss and your entire being is bursting full of love.


In the conversation that you just had with one of your soul sisters, you spoke your full truth - you are so anchored in your voice and everywhere you go you are unapologetically yourself. 


You love your body with all its curves and spots. Naked at the beach? Oh yes, you love that as you feel comfortable in your skin!


Yes, beautiful woman, I see you on that street and I love seeing you in your power! You’re so freaking wonderful! 


You wonder if I talk about you?

Oh yes, I am!!

Let’s go back in time and let me tell you about the woman I used to be on my favorite street.


I used to be the woman who had the pants on (oh yes, for years I was actually wearing men's clothes by that I mean I actually shopped at the men's department) who was always in control. My masculine was leading my life and my masculine hormones were flooding my system. I even cut my hair super short as I simply didn't want to be feminine in any way. 


I was the woman who had tons of male friends - I was the veeeery good friend and it just felt so much easier to be in friendships with men than with women.  


Sexuality? Pleasure? Sensuality? All not a part of my reality and my life back then. 


I planned my life according to what the voices of society said and I never actually asked myself what feels good to me.


Living in alignment with my menstrual cycle? No, that was not practical because how could I possibly perform well in my job while bleeding? Or how could I go out to the swimming pool during my bleed time? So I numbed my feminine wisdom and cycle with the pill for 10+ years. 


People nowadays call me ‘Naked Hanna’ as I simply loooove being naked but back then - no way! I was so uncomfortable with my body, my curves, the shape of my breasts that I’d always try to hide myself.  


… ok one more piece of the story: I’d always be the one who made the moves with men first (yes, in hindsight I really wonder where my woman was all those years). 


You know where she was?

I was afraid to be a woman!

During one of my training sessions it hit me and I screamed and I cried out loud: "I am afraid to be a woman!"


It did not feel safe to be in a female body. 

It did not feel safe to stand in my power. 

It did not feel safe to speak my unapologetic witchy truth. 


And that very day, I chose that it’s enough.


For centuries and centuries we’ve been told it’s unsafe for women to stand in their power. We all carry pieces of the story, the wounds of the feminine, inside our being. And it's finally enough.

It's time to be proud to be a woman!


Woman, this course will change your life. 

It’ll remove your pants and replace them with a dress (figuratively). 

It’ll anchor you in your feminine power. 

It’ll make you scream on your favorite street:

Throughout the six months, we’ll dive deep into the following topics:


Masculine vs Feminine

Where in life is your masculine fully taking over and your feminine is hiding? Let’s heal that and bring your unique balance of feminine and masculine to life.



Where in your system do you hold onto sisterhood wounds? Here we'll address things like competition, jealousy, gossip and all things friendship.


Body image

When you look at your body, can you fully love every inch? Your body is your greatest gift, so let’s allow her to shine and for you to fully love her.


Feminine Cycle

Do you allow yourself to fully surrender to the incredible cycle that you go through each month? By receiving the wisdom of each phase of your cycle, something deep opens up. Let’s go there!


Pleasure & Sexuality

Do you feel pleasure and bliss in your whole body? Let’s clear any sexual traumas stored inside of you so that you can experience sexual magic everywhere - let’s talk sex, women!


Inner Voice & Voice

What is your intuition telling you? And are you able to raise your voice? Let’s remove any blockages that prevent your story from being told and you from hearing your inner voice!

And not only that, beautiful woman.

Over the course of 6 months, I'll have your female back.

You have my deep trust in the feminine,

my own power from having walked my unique path

and my love for being a woman.

I cannot wait to dive into this course with you.

So, beautiful, are you one of the 8 women who are ready to proudly walk down the street radiating in her feminine essence?

Let's talk practical things:

proud to be a woman is ...

an intimate container.

  • Start: 21st March / End: 21st September

  • Every 2nd+3rd+4th Monday of the month at 7pm UTC live for 90 minutes

  • WhatsApp group for daily connection and sharing

  • One 30min private session with me per month

  • Special surprises along the way ;)

  • A freaking life changing program within an amazing group of kickass women

Wait? Did I already mention that this program will turn your life upside down and make you stand in your incredible woman at the end? Oh, I'm buzzing with excitement for you.

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Monthly Payment


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About Hanna and her work

"Hanna has a way of working with the feminine in the deepest feminine way. Her guidance is so clear, so intentional and so rooted in a distinct vision, and at the same time, she guides in a way that empowers me to do every journey from deep within myself. Everything is an invitation; I am never told what to do, and there is never one way to do it. And the invitation is always irresistible. I don’t know how she does it. But Hanna has a way to make me laugh my ass off, dance like I am the only one in the room, greet my beloved Grandmother (who passed three years ago) and cry deeply all within the same hour. That might just be the definition of magic!"




Dear beautiful,

Life is too short.

You're here to fully live every single nuance of it.

And I know that you're feeling that there is something missing right now.

Something has been knocking on your heart and now is the time to listen to all the signs that your inner woman has sent you,

it's time to reclaim yourself as the freakin incredible woman that you are.

This is the call to action that you've been waiting for!




proud to be

a woman