Beautiful woman,


my private sessions are

tailor suited healing and coaching sessions.

They are here for you for when you are ready to meet yourself on a much deeper level.

Sometimes there are topics, feelings or situations in your life that keep coming up and keep happening. And you feel like that you're walking in circles, not being able to move through and crack that theme from the inside out.

Something is telling you that it's time to look deeper.


Are you ready to unleash your feminine spirit?

Are your ready to fully dive into your bodys wisdom?

Are you ready to live your life unapologetically?

Are you ready to awaken your deepest pleasure?


1:1 healing & coaching sessions to awaken your feminine soul.

During my private sessions we'll create a safe space,

a space in which you can fully surrender to be seen, heard and respected.

In all my private sessions, I'll pick you up exactly where you are at so that your whole body can fully receive the medicine of this work.

The types of session purely depend on where you are at in life right now.

Here are some example sessions we may dive into:


Remembering your body's beauty

Your body is your greatest teacher in life and is speaking to you each and every single day. Once you allow yourself to slow down and to surrender into your body's wisdom, you'll be able to feel more. During our sessions, we'll connect with your body so that you can re-learn how to fully trust her.

Wombvoice Awakening

Speak your truth and open the direct channel between your throat and your womb. During our sessions, we'll clear any blockages inside your womb and throat/jaw that are blocking your from voicing your truth and from sounding freely.


Clearing & Ancestral Clearing

We all do carry imprints from our lineage inside of us. We all were raised with certain beliefs and picked up a variety of beliefs from society. During our clearing sessions we will free your body and mind from wounds and beliefs that are not yours so that you can live your life freely.

Female Sexuality

You are able to feel bliss and pleasure in your entire body. Your womb and yoni are such sacred parts of your body and often we forgot to really honor them. During our sessions, we'll awaken your pleasure through a variety of practices so that you can feel more magic inside your body every single day.


Intimacy & Connection

Really surrendering into deep connection and intimacy is challenging for many of us. We create armors that prevent us from surrendering into intimate connections (with ourselves and with others). During our sessions, we'll peal off the layers of protection so that you can open your heart to love even more.

Beautiful woman,

I desire for you to live a life where you feel

free, connected and blissful

each and every single day.

And I'm looking forward to welcoming you into this

private container of healing so that we clear all the blockages and limiting beliefs that prevent you from living your dreams.

It's time to live your life deeply fulfilled, free and connected to yourself. 

9 sessions, each

approx 1.5 hours

Mon - Fri Voxer Support

Healing Container


Soul Container

18 sessions, each

approx 1.5 hours

Mon - Fri Voxer Support