Are you ready to make a statement?

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

Are you ready to put yourself first and to love yourself unconditionally?

Often we put a lot of love into the things we buy, make and gift other people,

but when it comes to ourselves, we turn pennies over and deny ourselves the things we desire.

How often is it that we cook a delicious meal for our friends,

but when we just cook for ourselves, we make a quick and easy dish?

Now, is the time to shift that and to really focus on yourself,

by spending time with yourself, investing in yourself and really gifting yourself the life you desire to have.

A private retreat is the biggest gift you can give to yourself.


​During the private retreat the focus is on you.

We'll dive deep into

your needs

your wounds

your traumas

your desires

your dreams

your feelings

So that you can free yourself from anything that is blocking you from living life your way and from living your wildest dreams.

You'll be fully seen, fully celebrated, fully listened to

and fully empowered.


Your private retreat will be fully organized for you.

*from the moment you arrive at the retreat location until you leave the space*

You don't have to do anything.


A private retreat lasts anywhere from 2-5 days and is hosted in the most beautiful nature of Portugal. You'll have your own accomondation and will be served delicious food. Our days together may look as follows:

  • Sunrise Walk

  • Feminine Morning Practice

  • Breakfast (vegan yummy food)

  • Solo Silent Time (journaling and being simply still)

  • 2-3 hours morning session (for example: body work, ancestral trauma, wombvoicing, feminine embodiment practices)

  • Lunch

  • Connection with the elements (for example: earth time or ocean dives)

  • 2-3 hours afternoon session (for example: honouring your body, awakening sensuality, gentle touch)

  • Dinner & Sunset Beauty

  • Either Silent Night or Evening Session

It's time to claim your seat in this life and to shine unapologetically.


This safe container of healing and pure expansion is here for you to surrender into the wisdom of your body and soul.

And I desire for you to just let go and be guided.

This space will catch you right where you are at and carry you deep inside of you.

I am looking forward to being with you on this pure path towards bliss and freedom.


Your investment

The price of your private retreat depends on the length of your stay and if you come alone

or with your partner or mom/daugther.

Once you share your details with me below, I'll send you the corresponding price.

This is an investment of love into yourself.

You are so worthy of it.

Your next steps

I've created the booking steps with the utmost surrender for you.

  1. By filling out this application form, you're saying yes to loving yourself unconditionally. This is your first step into fully owning your wildest dreams.

  2. Upon your application, you'll hear from me within 48 hours and receive your personalized booklet with all the information you need to know (accomondation, proposed timing, food, etc.).

  3. We'll schedule a call so that I can answer any questions you have and so that we can tailor this retreat to your deepest needs.

  4. You surrender into this container and allow me to do the rest.


The transformation that I got to witness over the past years hosting private retreats is huge. I've seen people walking out of the space fully in love with themselves, fully owning who they are and being finally free of pain.

Only by making this statement of investing into themselves, I've seen eyes full of light.

As my sole attention is on the human for whom I'm gifted to hold space for,

I only offer 5 private retreats each year.

Once they are all booked, I'll close the application for this year and only take application for the following year.

I am bowing to the massive transformation that happens during these private retreats,