Over the last years, I have witnessed the healing that happens when we allow ourselves to be held in an intimate space. When someone is just there to hold space for us. More and more people have reached out to me and this is how the idea of private retreats was born and brought to life.

By private I mean just you and me. Or you and your partner, you and your mom, you and your friends. By coming together in this intimate setting, we are given this tremendous gift that we can solely focus on your unique path of healing and awakening. Sometimes the biggest gift we can give to ourselves is time alone. To really put our own self into the center and to not hide behind other sisters or humans.

... to just focus on YOU!

let's just focus on YOU

We'll together feel into the length of your private retreat which can be any time between 2-7 days. Once I received a clear vision of what our journey will be like, I will book a place for us which may range from the mountains in the north of Portugal, to the cliffs in the south or a still lake in the middle of nowhere. It will be exactly what you need. What your soul craves for to fully unleash her deepest desires. It's a journey that unfolds in front of your eyes with everything that you did not know that you actually really needed. Allow me to support you in this. Allow me to be there for you and to create a safe space for your body to relax, for your soul to unleash and for your feminine spirit to awaken.

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