You don’t owe anything to anyone

I remember this moment so clearly. I mean there were several moments that were similar but this one stands out for me.

I was dancing freely on the dance floor

eyes ceiled

my body was taking over

And then this man approached me.

He came closer and closer

my body wanted to dance with him

my mind said no

My mind said no because of the belief that if I dance with him,

I’d have to kiss him

make love to him

cuddle with him

move into a relationship with him

I started to realise that my underlying belief was that I’d owe something to this man if I simply dance with him for 5 minutes. That I’d owe him to give him more of myself.

At that very moment, I decided to not dance with him. To let my desire unsatisfied because I could not let go of that belief that I was holding inside of me.

I went home that night




I liked his energy and so why the f*** could I not just let go and live my desire.

And that night, while taking the time to feel what was underneath that limiting belief I had, I understood that the belief I’ve picked up was:

“Be aware. If you give a finger, he wants your whole hand!”

This one was a big one for me to untangle and to get rid of.

Because you know what: we don’t owe anything to anyone.

We owe ourselves that we live our desires and dreams.

we can dance with someone and that’s it.

we can even kiss someone and then move on and never see this person again.

we can have an intimate conversation with someone and close that connection right after.

We are here to live in the moment.

We are here to fulfill our desires.

And we can give someone our little finger to kiss and don't allow him to kiss our whole hand.


And if you are ready to invite more of yourself into your life, join path to yourself.

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