You are responsible for your own orgasmic state of being

He kept kissing my skin

caressing my body with a feather

holding flowers in front of my nose

whispering magical words into my ear

And all of this while I was blindfolded.

My body was shaking

i was groaning full of lust

orgasmic energy was flushing through literally every cell of my body

he kept going

he kept awakening my senses

licking my left arm

singing into my right ear

allowing my nose to smell his fingers which were covered in rose oil

And then

in a moment of full surprise he was taking off my blindfold

so that he could awake my eyes

his body moving in ways I’ve never seen him dance before

my body kept shaking



he had stopped touching my body a while ago

but my body kept going

not knowing where left or right was

where I was or what I was doing

and then, totally unexpected, he’d come next to my ear and said

your body is purely orgasmic


Now, let me share with you the background of this story.

I’ve always somehow believed that I need someone else to awaken my sexual energy

that my orgasmic state is dependent on external factors

And in that very tantric ritual at one of the trainings I’ve attended, I was paired with a man that I did not feel attracted to. Not physically, nor energetically and neither intellectually.

And I’ve felt and had the honor to witness that I am solely responsible for my sexual energy and my own orgasmic state of being. It’s me who can make the conscious choice to love my body and to surrender into pleasure.

To all the humans out there: You are the only one out there being responsible for your energetic state of being. YOU. No other factor.

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