Women’s bodies long for foreplay

Oh yes, they do!

But let’s first go back in time:

Media and society kept telling me that the longing for women to need foreplay is bad. It had a weird connotation to it. Until the point where I just thought, well ok so then let’s just skip that and go right to the so called ‘goal’ of intimacy which is supposed to be an orgasm.

Let me tell you, this is all bullsh**.

Women YES need time to fully open up.

To open our hearts.

Our yoni.

Our breath.

Our womb.

And when we are really open.

When we slowed down enough.

That's when we can be touched at the core of our being.

Only then.

So after I fully understood that.

I was in nature with a man and we talked for hours about vulnerability.

We looked each other in the eyes.

We took time to share. To be.

My body opened.

I opened.

She opened.

And by taking time, my body was able to move into hours and hours of orgasmic waves which accompanied me all the way through the day.

So, beautiful women & men, take time.

Women’s bodies desire and long for what we tend to call foreplays.

Find your unique way of doing so.

Through touch


eye gazing


Whatever you desire.

There is no right or wrong.

There is your unique way of opening up to orgasmic love making.

There is your unique way of opening up in order to be touched at the core of your being.

And believe me, it’s all worth the time!

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