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Your womb and throat are connected!

Have you ever wondered how your womb and your voicebox are related? How your ability to sound and speak your truth is connected to your connection to your core? Have you ever noticed how your yoni fully relaxes when your jar is relaxed?

There is an energetic as well as physical connection between our feminine core and our jar & throat ..

Well, just let this sink in for a moment and look at the picture below.

Don't you also feel that all of the sudden it all makes so much sense?

Being in our feminine essence means that we can speak our truth.

That we sound from the depth of our womb.

That we move our bodies in the most freeing way so that SHE can simply be herself.

Giving space to our womb to release what does not belong to her. Letting her be free to sound, to whisper, to scream, to sing, to express pleasure, and so much more.

Next time you breathe, I invite you to relax your jar and simply take a moment to exhale from your womb. Notice. Give space. Sound. Move. Be.

There is SO much more I want to share about what it means to be in our feminine essence. This whole journey just changed my life completely.

To a life where SHE is free.


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