When you open, your vagina opens

A bed outside under the trees

The sun is shining

Two beautiful people are kissing softly

… perfect setting for love making. And by perfect I mean yep, stunningly beautiful. Love was in the air. It was just all as if we were in a movie.

He kissed and caressed my entire body so softly.

I felt so loved.

And after hours of awakening our entire bodies, we thought we’d be ready for penetration.

But my yoni was saying and showing noooo.

She was closed.

There was no way that he’d be able to enter me.

And then I realized, NO, I cannot have him inside of me.

I can’t.

But why?

I breathed deeply.

Feeling into my body.

And then I realized …

… there was something on my heart that desired to be voiced.

(and as you might remember, there is a direct connection between our yoni and our throat. One is blocked, the other one is, too)

So, I looked him in the eyes and we talked.

I said everything and anything that needed to be said at that moment.

He listened.

He shared.

And once everything was voiced, we hugged.

And my yoni was pulsating.

She was screaming: “YEEES Now, I’m ready!”

And holy moly, it was like making love to the entire universe.

May this story remind you

… that when you open up, your yoni opens. It’s like she fully opens to receive him once everything is shared.

… that when you feel a NO from your body, trust it. Your mind might not always understand and that’s ok. Trust and speak with your body.

… that when you have something on your heart, that it needs to be voiced. Regardless of how big or small it seems.

Woman, your sexuality and voice are two key elements of my ‘proud to be a woman course.

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