Walking the "right" path?!

Which bachelor are you going to do?

Which job do you want to apply for?

Where are you going to study?

Questions I so disliked. Because the story was always the same.

Do a bachelor, followed by a master.

Because only with a ‘proper’ degree you’ll earn money and live a happy life.

You’ll not become anything if you don’t study something sophisticated.

I, myself, followed this path for quite some time. I did a bachelor and quit. And started another bachelor and finished.

got a truly amazing job

earned good money

travelled the world for my job

met incredible people

And at the same time

was sick super often

developed infertility

stopped bleeding

was surrounded by people with burn-outs

I was living a life that society told me is a good life

a secure life

the “right” life

But I knew that there was more out there.

My soul said: jump!

I moved to Portugal

quit my job

opened my own business

And then another wave of limiting beliefs kicked in

you can only run your own business if you have certain certifications

attended business classes

studied with a well known german healer for decades


This is all bullsh*****

The only one who knows what your path looks like, is YOU.

The types of trainings that you attend might not make any sense to other people,

but YOUR heart led you there.

The certifications that you never got might worry people around you,

but YOU feel grounded within the work you share

And this is all that matters.

You are worthy of living life your way.

The only one limiting you is yourself.

And the deeper I exhaled, the deeper I understood that I personally couldn’t imagine another life right now.

Because right now, I am walking my path.

I am living life my way.

living 10 minutes off the Atlantic Ocean

on our 1ha land with an incredible house

sharing my gifts with the world my way

living in a healthy fertile body

It’s time to free yourself from anything that society or family tells you what your life should look like.

Because your path is purely unique.

And you have everything you need to live your life.

So, beautiful soul, your life is calling you!

Jump and be yourself!

There is no “right” path, there is Y O U R path and this is exactly where we’ll be diving into during the magical 6-day immersion in June called path to yourself. Register through here.

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