The forgotten center of magic

I kept trying to keep her quiet through pain killers.

Then through the pill.

And through simply ignoring her.

And she fought back.

through the loss of my bleeding

temporary infertility

pain during sex

I lived through my brain

And since our womb is the opposite of our brain, I was confused about how to live with her.

Until the point I almost gave in as I thought it was the way it is

I felt devastated


not knowing the answer

So she got louder until I finally listened.

Do you know that we have a true place of wonder and magic right inside of us?

If we want to stand in our power

manifest our wildest dreams

claim our true self

and just really have the f*** amazing life we deserve,

we need to come back to the knowing that

our womb is our gateway to our femininity

to a blissful love life

to understanding what we really desire

It hurts my heart every time I hear that someone says “down there”

is annoyed by the so called mood swings of the menstrual cycle

takes the pill to prevent the bleeding

It’s time we all really understand

I mean like understand with every cell of our being that being a woman is absolutely f*** amazing and that we get to travel through a whole cycle each month is pure magic.

I could write pages and pages about why we need to understand that our womb is our core.

She is our center.

Our center of




She is our pathway to




So sister, if you

feel cramps



pain during sex

lower back pain

cervical cancer

bladder or yeast infections

Or generally feel disconnected from you womb

She speaks to you!

It’s time to listen.

Womb healing is part of my free yourself program.

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