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The connection between Sexual Energy + Unfelt Emotions.

Maybe you have felt this before:

Making love and all of the sudden feeling massive rage moving through your body

or tears running down your face

or laughters filling your room.

Fact is, s*x can be deeply healing when we allow the most potent energy, our lifeforce energy (aka sexual energy) to simply flow. To not control her, but instead let her choose where to go. Because when we allow her to flow, sexual energy has the ability to unlock deep deep deep emotions. Emotions that we did not dare to feel before.

(And yeeeees, this is beautiful!!!)

Everything that we don’t fully feel, creates energy blocks inside of our body which may eventually lead to diseases.

(About which I could write a whole book about)

So, yes, yes, yes, allowing yourself to fully FEEL ALL OF IT during your self-pleasure practice or while making love with your partner actually creates a safe space for s*x to become healing.

It creates a deeper bond with yourself and with your partner.

(just this morning I was crying my eyes out during my self-pleasure practice because my grief was unlocked to another dimension due to the way I allowed my sexual energy flow through me).

So, maybe, the next time you make love, you give yourself this pure permission to FEEL ALL OF IT. And in case rage or pain arise, feel it. Let your sexual energy heal it. And allow your partner to hold you in this and to witness you in your full spectrum of emotions. You’re actually giving your partner a gift by allowing him/her to hold & witness you.

(*I also mean the crazy laughters or screams of joy ;))

If you desire to explore the healing of your own sexual energy, then liberate yourself is for you. We start on October 30th.

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