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The ancient wounds around female sexuality

Just think about it.

For many of us, our female ancestors have seen sex as something they have to do in order to please the men. Also, sexual energy was mysterious and hence seen as evil. Our womb is a life giver which is so suspect to many of us and hence often abandoned. And all of this makes us have a feeling of inferiority for being a woman. And believe it or not, these feelings of our ancesters are stored inside of our womb. We get passed on wounds and traumas from seven generations in the past and can also hence pass on our pain seven generations into the future.

Each and every single one of us carries topics. Topics from our lineage which have not been resolved. And you are here to clear them and it's your purpose doing so.

Let me ask you ...

How openly has your grandmother spoken about sex?

How openly were you speaking about your menstrual cycle as a child?

Who within your family has looked at their menstrual blood and seen it as pure magic?

Has the female expression of sexuality been openly shared throughout your life?

Dear sister, we are here to honor our feminine lineage so that our children can live a life in their bodies. So that they can breathe through their femininity with pure bliss.

Hence, it's time to free your body from ancestral traumas so that you and your children can truly feel that ...

Our sexuality and our womb are sacred.

Our womb space is our center of creativity.

Our womb is our center of creation.

Our womb is holding our intuition.

Our yoni is our gateway to bliss.

Our sexuality is full of love and wonder.

Our yoni holds an abundant amount of pleasure.

Let's do the hard and so needed work together.

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