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What sexual liberation is NOT!

Sometimes it makes me sad and sometimes I can just let it move through me.




That talking about sexuality is still such a taboo and connected with shame for so many of us. And what I realized over and over again in the past weeks is that for so many of us talking about sexual healing or even walking the path of sexual liberation


needing to go to s*x parties,

having threesomes,

opening up your relationships


above all that it has to involve doing things you don’t like.

And I’d love to say again that this is not true (at least for me!).

Your way of living and embodying your sexuality and sensuality is and will forever stay unique to you. You might never ever go to any events that are connected to sexuality and you might make love the same way you do it right now

because this is your truth.

And you might go wild and look back after years and think holy f**** was I a wild one ;)

You choose


I would simply like to remind you that there is so much weird and old connotation with the words “sexuality and sensuality” that call for the rewriting of a script for humanity!

For me, walking the path of sexual liberation is the most sacred path we can walk.

It’s pure.

It’s simply love.

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