Sisters, together we rise.

The old way of how I knew women relating to one another was so much around the energies of jealousy, gossip and negative emotions.

Women didn’t really know how we can or should relate to one another as we had so little evidence of how deep and profound sisterhood can feel like.

Women were hiding their gifts and hence also did hide their massive love for one another.

When women come together within a room, the energy explodes out of the roof and we used to be afraid of that.

But no more!

We learned differently.

Yesterday I hosted the integration call of path to yourself and each and every single woman expressed in their unique way that they found back home to REAL sisterhood.

“Spending time with women in this way, deeply intimately, feels like coming home to the ground of my being, of my life.”

“Seeing them and being seen by them is making me just more and more fearless.”

“The pure and sincere feeling of Sisterhood.”


We gotta move from competition to inspiration.

From jealousy to celebration.

From gossip to truth.

Because together we rise.

Today, I invite you to look into your life. To see the women around you and to see beyond.

See their love.

Choose the truth.

Deep sisterhood is an act of self-love. An act of courage to show yourself and to be seen.

We’ve got your back!

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