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Pleasure is medicine

Pleasure is medicine.

Pleasure is healing.

Pleasure is life.

What is holding you back from experiencing an abundance of pleasure?

And with pleasure I am not only referring to sexual pleasure. Also the way you eat, listen to music, go for a walk, touch a tree, smell a flour, hug a friend,...

How much permission do you give yourself in finding pleasure?

So many of us were raised with the limiting belief that we do not deserve to enjoy this or that. That we are not allowed to feel pleasure. That we shall not sound when we enjoy eating our ice cream.

Dismantling our limiting beliefs is a key step in our journey towards a life of pleasure.

You are the ONLY one who knows what is best for you! It's your birthright to have pleasure in life.

How often do you take space for yourself to experience pleasure just with your own pure presence?

Sometimes we as humans can get caught up in deep healing work and believe that only when we clear this one more trauma, only when we talk about this one more wound, only then we find healing. And we forget that pleasure is medicine too. As much as it's important to travel deep into our wounds to clear them, it's equally important to walk the path of pleasure.

This is a simple invitation for you to find pleasure in life and to have a solo date with yourself once a week. Light a candle and be with your own presence.

How does a life full of pleasure feel like?


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