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Owning who you are. ALL of it.

I was lying in bed.




My entire body was in physical pain and it was the middle of the night.

And what was he doing?

He was holding me beautifully.

Nothing more and nothing less.

He was not trying to fix me.

And what was I thinking?

There were strains of thoughts passing my brain.

Thoughts like: “I’m sorry for being like this now.” I’m sorry for being a mess.”

Those thoughts did not feel like my thoughts

They were thoughts from the collective.

Thoughts that represent us apologizing for who we are because this is what we’ve been taught to do and what we’ve seen other people do.

I was so tempted to say: “I’m sorry!”

But I chose not to .

Because I’m not sorry for being me.

Also, and especially, when I’m a mess.

When I’m crying.

In Pain.

And instead I chose to say and feel: “Thank you for simply holding me right now.”

Sisters, own who you are.

And by that I mean all of you.

The beauty and the messy.

ALL emotions, thoughts, movements, desires,...

You have so many facets and it’s time that you love them all and allow the people around you to see and love them, too.

This, beautiful soul, means loving and speaking your unapologetic truth!

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