Our inner man has our back

My man is finally seen by my woman.

My man has always been there. He was always there with open arms. With open arms in which my woman could lie down and be held. But my woman was unable to see him. To see his arms. To see his full beauty.

My woman was trying to do everything alone. She was so tired. Tired of living through life alone. And in all the tiredness, she was unable to see. To witness the love around her. And underneath all of that, she was afraid of him. Afraid to meet him. Afraid of a real encounter.

My man has such strong arms full of tattoos and long hair. He is bold and has strong balls. He knows his way. He knows what is good for him and knows how to take care of himself. He holds his direction as he knows where he is walking towards. And at the same time he feels alone and does not really know what he is supposed to do. And maybe even where he is actually walking towards.

My woman is free. She loves to be spontaneous and loves to simply let life happen through her. Her hair is blowing in the wind. She dances on the cliffs. Her breasts are shining. And deep inside of her she has this deep craving to simply be soft. To breathe softness. To be softness. But she doesn't know how to be that. How to walk a life of softness.

And then there was a meeting of my man and my woman. They met for the first time. They met and actually saw each other. My woman could not stop crying. Crying since she finally felt her deep desire ... her deep desire to simply be held in his arms. To be soft with him. To be soft in his arms.

He wrapped his strong arms around the soft shoulders of my woman and she was finally able to come into her pure essence. Her free and soft state of being. My man felt alive as he was finally able to hold my woman. And he felt like he met his purpose of existence. He was always standing there and finally he was witnessed and seen in his power.

A love story right inside of my being … A love story that will forever continue and which is so important to nurture. Like any other love story. Like any other connection.


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