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My womb gave me back my voice!

My womb gave me back my voice.

She was the one that initiated my healing journey. She tried for years to make herself be heard. She got louder and louder until I finally stopped and listened to her.

I was not hearing my inner voice because my womb was storing old pain.

I was not bleeding for years as she was holding the wounds of my lineage.

I could not speak my truth as she has been shut down for generations.

I was not able to give birth to new life as she has been violated for generations.

I was not able to build roots as she as our connector to earth was storing old emotional traumas.

I could go on and on.

Our womb is our core.

Our womb creates life.

Our womb can heal everything.

And I'll say it again, our womb can heal literally everything.

Our womb is the place we store our pain, traumas, wounds, as well as our creativity and our intuition. She is really our greatest secret and pure magic.

... Allow that to really sink in ...


In essence, she is our essence. She is our core and gateway to our femininity. To our flow of life. To our bliss. To our emotions. To our feelings. And it's time for us to honor our womb.

She is a giver of life.

And again, she can heal everything if we allow her to.

Thank you for giving me back my voice.

For allowing me to sing your words of wisdom.


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