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A glimpse of my Vision Quest journey ...

I see a woman who lives her soul.”

As I came out of my four days & fours nights fast in the wild nature, these were some of the words that the woman who was holding space for my Vision Quest reflected back to me.

And that mirroring was so precious to me but let’s go back to where it all started …

4ish years ago one of my teachers talked about a deep rite of passage called the Vision Quest. I remember I got shivers over my whole body and I knew that my soul wanted to do it. But holy sh** I was scared.

No food.

No shelter.

Pure Solitude

With the Earth

The Soul

And the vastness of the Universe

And this year, mid September, I was reading a book and I started crying and I knew it was time.

I was ready (including moments of "what the actual fu** am I doing here?!?!)

So I called my dear sister I knew who holds Vision Quests in Portugal.

From that day on, I was in a true Death Process.

I closed all open conversations

Deleted all WhatsApp messages

Cleaned my whole house


Two days before my Quest (which was the day of the Closing Ceremony of The Unleashed Woman program I ran), the man with whom I was on a love immersion, we decided to set each other free.

Surrendering to each calling of my soul.

And each time I tuned into my Quest, I was crying. As I made a true commitment to let go of everything when stepping into the Void.

If my soul would say: “Move to Egypt tomorrow and delete your website” - I’d follow her voice.

I was in such a deep surrender to this calling.

I was truly exhausted the days before the Vision Quest and when I woke up and it was finally Friday, I was dancing like a little child who’s birthday it was. I was SO excited!

As we walked down into the valley, we stepped into true wilderness.

No paths.

No sounds of civilization.

And it really felt as if I was entering a Void.

I had closed everything before stepping into it.

My old me had died and I was entering true Nothingness.

No shaking

No movement

No dancing

Not even real thoughts the first days. I was just empty and it felt as if I was sinking deeper into My Soul and Mama Earth.

Every meter of walking was a challenge.

100m a day and I’d be exhausted.

I felt sick.

I asked myself: “Who the hack had this stupid idea of doing a f*** Vision Quest????”

But with each moment that I was down there, I felt so damn proud.

And slowly and patiently, I started to listen to Nature. To the Elements and to the Depth of My Soul and received such clear messages.

(*most of which will stay between my soul and me*)

This entire ritual was so extremely different to what I usually practice each and every single day.

It was like I was moving out of my body so that I could re-learn literally EVERYTHING.

After an entire last night rattling for my visions (which is one of the rituals you are invited to do as part of the Vision Quest), I was walking back to where I started and each step felt as if I was learning how to walk again.

Each step was a commitment to bring all my visions to life.

And OH you have no idea how excited I am to bring everything to you that I’ve seen for my business and beyond.

Be prepared for some crazy magic coming your way. And no, I will not move to Egypt and delete my website ;)

For now, Portugal is home and my Soul Work is just starting to blossom big times.

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