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Making a declaration to your ancestors

We’re shaped by our lineage.

Often way more than we can see

that we want to acknowledge

or that we can possibly understand with our mind.

The ancestors that we met

and those that we never met in person in this lifetime

have had an impact on us.

They shaped us.

Maybe the sexual trauma the woman from 3 generations before you

has manifested itself in your body.

Maybe the beliefs of your grandfather are implanted into your cells.

Maybe your connection to your womb is shaped by your mom’s connection to her womb.

What I’m simply trying to share with you all is that








you have the choice to rewrite the whole freakin script for your lineage!

Imagine that your very own daughter will live a life so damn free in her sexual expression?

Imagine that your grandson will be speaking his truth without a doubt?

You’re not only doing this work for yourself.

You’re doing it for your entire lineage.

Born and yet to be born.

And for the collective.

And this is so freakin amazing.

Each time you want to give up or not look at a certain wound that has been showing herself,

remind yourself for whom you’re doing this work.

… when I look at my grandmother, I so know that she is one of them I'm doing this work for. AND for my children that are yet to be born. And for the collective on this planet earth cause each time we heal something inside of us, we heal a piece of the planet.

You got this, sister!

We got you!

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