Listen to your inner voice, sister!

Trusting her .

Trusting my intuition .

Let me share a little story about why listening to our inner voice, our inituition, is so empowering and magical, sister!


Why did I decide to cancel my program just a few days after I had opened it for registration…

I knew something was not in flow.

I felt it .

And so a few days after my launch I went to the ocean to dance with her. The moment I arrived, I started shaking and crying. I allowed the emotions to move through me and to crack me open from the inside and that's when I knew. I knew that the program I launched was not the one that wanted to be born. It's a whole different one.

My head kicked in and said that I cannot cancel a launched program. What will everyone think?

I took a deep breath.

Hugged the ocean.

Danced with her.

What will everyone think?

Well, that I follow my inner voice, my intuition, HER. Because this is what I am here for. I am here to listen to her every single day. To her wisdom.

The moment the decision was clear, my body relaxed. My body came back into flow. And the visions of the program wanting to be birthed became so strong.

For now, may this story be a reminder for you to listen to your inner voice.

She knows.

She guides you.


The program that actually wanted to be born is life now.

And I could not be more excited and honored about the creation of it.

This program is me .

This program is you.

It's gonna change the world!

free yourself:

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