Let's talk about money

Today, I had two conversations about


and the limitations that come with this topic and here is what wants to be shared with you all:

“I don’t have money. I can’t do this.”

Yep … this is exactly what I hear so many people say and what I also told myself for so long. What I know now is that this mindset is not getting us anywhere. It's simply and wholeheartedly bullsh**.

Here is a story for you:

A few years ago, one of my shamanic teachers sent me a link to her upcoming teachers training and I simply knew I had to go there.

When I saw the price ...

Well, let me say, I was a little shocked.


By that time I could barely pay my bills and by no means had money “lying around'' to pay a few thousand € for a training.

But something inside of me had already decided: I had to go!

So I trusted and a few days later the exact amount of money showed up on my bank account from a government refund that I didn’t expect.

And other times in my life, money came in only after I made an expense but I always trusted that the universe (and in this case money) has my back.

Money is not bad or good.

Money is not evil or sunshine.

Money is energy.

It’s as simple as that.

If we allow money to be an energy that blocks us from living our life, we limit ourselves.

Every single time, we hear a voice from the inside telling us to book that retreat, to buy that gift for ourselves, to go out for dinner … and we don’t, we pretty much tell ourselves that we are unworthy. And we pretty much tell money that it’s not welcome within our lives.

Now is the time to shift that!

Many of us carry old wounds around money and it’s time for us to heal them (this topic is content for a whole other post😌).

Treat money with love.

It has your back ...

if you allow it to.


And now: Choose a life with abundance.