Let's just call her Becy

For the sake of this story, let’s just give her a name.

How about we call her Becy?

In the beginning of our story Becy is, let's say, in her early 20s. She already had s*x for the first time in her life (which was not really pleasurable but also not a nightmare). She started seeing men and already had been in a relationship once.

She grew up not talking much about sexuality nor her sensuality. She had read some stuff about it in newspapers and got “inspired” by some of the movies she had watched. And her self-pleasure practice consisted either of a) not all at (because she was too “busy” or b) it was quick and involved pretty much solely her clitoris.

When her friends would ask her how her sexual life was, she would answer: “All good. Nothing to complain about!”

Becy felt good. She did have some sex in her life and maybe sometimes she even had an orgasm.

And then .. something happened that felt super unexpected.

She got into a relationship (she had just celebrated her 28s birthday) and she was lying in bed with her new boyfriend. Oh she felt sooo in love.

And then he asked: “Honey, what do you like? What is it that really arouses you? Do you have any fantasies?”

Becy’s face turned a little red and in her head things like: “What is the best answer now? What does he want to hear? I mean how should I know what I like?” were starting to shout at her.

And she heard herself saying: “What you just did was really nice. What are your fantasies?”

Back then Becy simply did not know what to answer. She felt overwhelmed and she did not know better.

And then they tried to live one of his explained fantasies but to be very honest, she really did not like it but just went with it. I mean, what could be so bad about doing something that pleases him right now?

She did not know that this moment was supposed to be a turning point in her life.

Funnily enough, life started to send her some signs.

The next day, she went into a bookstore and it felt like that the entire place was full of books such as:

Women’s Sexuality

How to feel your Power through your Sexuality

Let’s talk about what arouses you

But … she wasn’t ready. She ignored the signs and left the bookstore.

And of course the universe did not stop.

So the next day she met a friend for coffee and that very friend started telling her that she had just attended a Sexual Healing Course. And so they sat in that cozy Café and her friend kept talking and talking about what they did in that course and how she had found a new standing in life through this work.

Becy left home and felt overwhelmed.


But she also realized that something inside of her was ready to dive into this unexplored topic of her own Sexuality.

Don’t get me wrong - she sure was still afraid.

A couple of weeks later, Becy entered her Waxing Studio and saw a Flyer hanging on the wall. For some reason she could not keep walking - she had to stop.

A Course for Women only.

On Sexuality.

Her heart was beating faster. She got dizzy.

And deep down she knew. That’s it.

No more hiding.

As you might already guess by now, yeeees, Becy signed up for the course and here is what changed for her:

When her boyfriend now asks her what she likes, she sure communicates her exact desires.

When he wants to do something she does not like, she openly communicates her boundaries with him.

When she walks through the streets she just feels this sense of new-born confidence inside of her.

When she self-pleasures, she takes time to explore her whole body and (and this has changed her whole perspective) it always looks and feels different. She realized that there is no script but that her body and her desire change every day.

When she makes love, she knows how to work with her sexual energy and how to move her orgasmic energy over her entire body (and it makes her feel pleasure all over her).

And so many more things that Becy has no words for …

And when you ask Becy now about her sexulity, she answers: “Oh, I get to learn something new about her every single day. And wooow, I didn’t know that it could be that incredible. I wish someone would have told me in my 20s what I’m missing out on!”

This story about Becy is a made-up story but for me it summarizes a few highlights that I keep seeing and hearing about. And it’s what inspired liberate yourself to be born. If you can see yourself in any part of Becy’s story, then this Course will change your life the way Becy’s Course did for her.