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Kick-ass communication will skyrock your s*x life!

(And simply change your life)

So, I guess most of you can relate to me with this one:

I was intimate with my man and he did all these things that I so loved.

In my head I went like:

“OH my gosh I love how he licks my ear today”

“Yeeees, more of that touch please”

But nothing of that left my mouth.

It stayed ceiled inside myself.

And literally the same happened with the things that I did not like. That I wanted less of.

My mouth stayed closed.

I did not know how!

So, I guess you already know how it continued:

My s*x life did not change.

He actually never kissed my ear the way he did that one time.

Until I finally understood the link between communication and s*x.

(yep, it’s huuuuge)

So, let me share with what helped me to skyrock my s*x life:

1️⃣Feel into: What is it that you’re deeply enjoying about your self-pleasure / your s*x right now?

And then: Share what you like out loud with your partner. Men (especially) need to hear what you liked because they keep track of that in their internal notebook ;))

2️⃣What is it that you currently don’t enjoy about your s*x life?

Take a moment to feel into that with your open heart and then create an intimate space with your partner and share what you're not enjoying right now.

Remember, how shall the people around us know what we don’t like if we don’t talk about it?

3️⃣What is it that you actually want SO much more of? Where have you been holding back in your self-pleasure or in your s*x life? If we don’t share our desires, how shall our partner know about them?

Talk. Talk. Talk.

(also if it’s so damn scary)

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