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.... it's TRUST!

If I’d need to break it down to one thing the past weeks have taught me, it’s TRUST! And damn, I really trust. Sometimes I feel that the world tries to tell me not to trust. To make a plan. To believe in the "not good". But I trust. I really trust life. In the most mysterious ways, life has brought the utmost magic to me. Each time I wondered what's next or how the hack I should get out of this so-called mess. The answer was always to trust. And it has never failed me. But really, I feel it's sometimes so damn hard living in a world full of humans that try to tell me not to trust. But it’s their choice. And not mine. I have the choice. You have the choice. We have the choice. I'm sitting here today reflecting on my first month in my new home in nature just outside of Hamburg and I'm just moved to tears because I feel so rich. The love that surrounds me is just incredible. I chose this. I chose to trust. There were so many damn hard moments in the past weeks. So much doubt. So many fears. So many stories in my head. But underneath it all, I really felt all the work I’ve done over the past years. Because I trust now. I love myself now. So, I am damn proud 😍 If this way of living creates a spark inside of your body: I'm opening up 3 new spaces for 1:1 Mentorship & Healing. Send me a message if you called to journey with me. (I offer my work in English and German (yeees, it was about time;))

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