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“If you cannot be in a polyamorous or open relationship, you are not spiritually advanced enough!”


Let’s all take a deep breath on this sentence

because you know what?

This is so nonsense!

I kept hearing this sentence so often within the spiritual communities and especially in the tantric scene. And when I started to explore the tantric world, I definitely questioned my own beliefs around monogamy. I allowed myself to be sucked into the belief that we all should be more open to explore love in a variety of ways, be it open or polyamorous.

All the, so called, shadows that will come up during this open/polyamorous relationships are there to guide your way. And if you are suffering, then well … just dig deeper and do your healing. If your partner is having s*x with someone else and you are crying at home, then you are not enlightened enough.

Yes you can laugh at me or smile at least :)

Puuuh I am so glad I untangled this belief!

And you know who taught me differently?

My heart.

My heart paved the way for me to live a life where I truly follow her. And when my heart chooses one person to commit to and to build deep intimacy with, then this is my truth.

Sometimes, we are so scared of real intimacy as to the point that we “distract” ourselves with dating more people.

And all of that just to not really choose love.

With an open heart.

Whether you wish to love in an open relationship or solely commit to one magical human, may this be a reminder to follow your heart.

Above all, choose love.

And let’s all remove the very first sentence of this post from our minds & hearts <3

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