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I’ve tried to fit into this online game.

Yes. I did. I remember so clearly the times before c*vid, where all I did was meeting people in cafés and events. That was all that was needed. My work was spread like this. And then the first lockdown came (I had just downloaded Instagram for the first time) and I felt that I needed to create an online presence here. But how? I somehow got lost in how other people did it. Yes there were moments where I did it my way but there were also moments where I did it how others do it and where I posted something because I had the feeling I had to. And then this idea came to create a Podcast but I was like NOO, I’m not doing what others are doing. I’m here to do it my way. So, I took time to understand again where I copy others in the way they share their work and where is it my soul telling me what’s next. Because what truly works best for me: Doing it in my unique way!!! My commitment is to be of service. And to listen to what wants to be created through me. In my sessions as well as in my online presence. And here is what’s coming through me now: The Feminine Heart It’s what other people might call a Podcast but what I call a place where I share voice transmissions of the feminine heart. Sometimes I might read a poem to you, other times I will share a yoni breathing and other times I might share my wisdom on a certain topic. There is no logic. No order. No plan. There is simply the desire to be of service with my voice to you all. With that being said, the first 3 voice transmissions of The Feminine Heart are available to you on Spotify (Apple Tunes somehow don’t work for me yet). Last thing: One part of me wanted to wait until I launched it and to have THE perfect branding for it but my wild creative feminine part won. It’s out and I will for sure change things as we go ;) That’s my way ;) 🤩🔥🎉 Leave a review. Share it with a friend. Send it a kiss. Whatever your way is!

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