I used to be afraid of women.

I used to be afraid of women.

And this became so clear to me when I was signing up for one of my trainings.

20 women for 30 days in one place.

This truly scared the sh** out of me because I realised that what I associated with women being in one room is

talking behind each others back




It really made me feel so uncomfortable to the point that I almost didn’t sign up.

And the moment of filling out my registration felt like a flashback as all of the sudden, I remembered all the painful moments of my high school ...

women talked about me behind my back

people shared lies about me in school

friends shared stories which I’ve shared in confidence to other people

And as I was sitting there, filling out my application form, I knew that I have the choice to either continue living a life being afraid of women. And over and over again relive those moments with new people in my life or I can show up for myself and trust in female power.

I did the latter and joined the training - which just by the way has changed my life completely.

Because when women come together, magic happens.

It’s as simple as that.

When women gather, the most powerful energies are created.


speak from our hearts


are present

And then the energy gets




And each time we gather in a safe container, we heal a piece of the world together.

From that training on, I knew I am here to bring women together to heal the wounds each and every single one of us carries in regards to being afraid with other women.

Because I finally believed in female power and felt with every cell of my being that women literally move mountains when they come together.

And the only reason why we gossip or talk behind each other's beach is because we are not in our strength. But let me remind you that each time we gather, we come more and more back to our own strength.

Ready to move mountains alongside other powerful female creatures?

Join path to yourself in the south of Portugal in June. Read more here.

How do you feel when you are with women only?

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