I started my sexual healing journey on an island in Thailand.

At a Tantra Training with about 50 men and women. I was so scared and nervous (and seriously if I’d have known what we were about to do, I’d probably not have shown up but rather hide myself).

This training confronted me with some of my biggest fears and literally every single practice that we did was a stretch for me. Everything was so new and yet at the same time, it felt like home. Do you know that feeling?

I got to learn that walking the path of sexual liberation is like making love with the most potent energy there is. The energy that brought us all here.

The reason why I’m sharing this with you is that sometimes it might seem scary and I’d love you to know that I was damn scared myself.

I had no idea how my yoni looked (I would have not been able to identify her from a 100 pictures).

I had no idea that there are energetic orgasms (I mean, me who never really self-pleasured).

I did not know that you carry imprints of the sexual wounds of your family (yes the pain inside my vaginal canal was actually not mine but who was I to know that).

I did not know that sounding increases your pleasure (me, who never made a damn sound during love making as I was ashamed of myself or rather frightened the sound would be the ‘wrong one’).

We ALL carry things from the past. From our family. From what society taught us about our very own sexuality.

And my wish for you is to liberate that.

I’m literally here to hold space for you and to make you feel freakin safe as we walk together. And to remind you that you’re not alone feeling scared, excited, frustrated or overwhelmed.

It’s just all part of the process of remembering that you are a divine feminine goddess holding infinite amount of sexual energy inside of YOU.

liberate yourself is all about that 👆 and she is open for registration 🌹

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