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"I`m too much. I`m too intense."

I`m too much.

I`m too intense.

I should love less.

Be quieter.

Be slower.

Puh my entire body still shakes typing this.

It’s so deep.

It’s so freakin non-sense.

I’ve opened boxes of belief systems around this.

I’ve cleared them in hundreds of ways.

And still sometimes it just comes

Like a snake pulling herself around my neck

Me not being able to breathe and to feel my heart

Me thinking I am too much

That I shall love less

Close my heart

Be smaller

And then I move

I break free

Over and over again

I land on my knees

Saying that I am not too much

That I am here to love

To give love

I am here for the big things

And that I love being intense

Because I feel

I am alive

I shake things up

I am not too much

I am the way I am because this is exactly how I shall show up in the world

Loves, if you recognize this

Any of it

Let me remind you


That you’re freakin awesome

You’re not too much

Maybe the world is just starting to get ready for you ;)


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