How the Tantric path was a path home for me

So, beautiful soul, make yourself a cup of cacao and enjoy a little climpse of my story:

When I was younger, I wouldn’t self-pleasure and 80% of the time that I’d have sex, I’d end up at the hospital asking for antibiotics given the fact that I had, again, a bladder infection. I’d easily have clitoral peak orgasms but I’d have no interest in exploring my own sexual potential. It seemed like that there was a disconnect between my body and my soul. Like there was something deep down inside of me that simply didn’t want to be woken up.

I remember that one moment where I was in a long-term relationship, and I’d come home from travels. We’d kiss. I was super happy seeing him. And yet, I did not feel the desire to “start” an energy of sensuality nor sexuality. He said that he felt really upset that we’d not have sex the moment I came back home.

I kept asking myself what was wrong with me. Why didn’t I feel desire? Passion? And most importantly why didn’t I know what I liked? What did I want?

I just didn’t know.

I was not in my body. Not knowing and neither owning my sexuality. And I was far from living my sexuality. And neither was he. Of course (because we attract who we are ready to attract).

And so, because he was upset and I felt that something was wrong with me, I’d end up having sex when I actually did not feel ready nor aroused. I simply focused on his desires. Because this is what women do, right? And I was also focused on “Did you come yet?” as I believed that ejaculation for men was the most important thing.Women simply focus on pleasing the men!

I didn't know better.

Deep inside of me there was this voice saying that when I choose to end this relationship, that will be the moment where I’ll need to dive deep into my sexual healing. But I was so scared of going there. Scared what I’d find.

Sexual healing is the deepest healing we can move into as it amplifies across all aspects of ourselves. When we get to the core of our sexualility and really am able to live our sexuality, we’ve done the biggest lifting of healing I believe. It’s the most potent energy we can meet and work with. So, I was scared ..

But, one day, I did the jump.

And what I discovered was this:

I was carrying deep sexual traumas from my lineage inside of myself. There was so much rape in my lineage and everything in my body was fighting against female sexuality to be lived freely as it had been supressed for lifetimes. It was my job to clear my lineage and to free myself from this past.

To know what I want.

To know what I like.

To own my sexuality.

To life my sexuality.

And to clear my womb and yoni from pain stored inside of them.

And this is where I came across the Tantric Path …

Tantra means “weaving”, in the sense of unifying the many and often contradictory aspects of the self into one harmonious whole. Tantra also means “expansion”, in the sense that once our own energies are understood and unified, we grow and expand into joy.

In Tantra there is no division between what is good and what is bad, what is accepted and what is unaccepted.

The Tantric vision accepts everything.

The truth is there is no right way to make love. There is your way to make love. There are your unique desires. There are your sounds.

There are your wildest fantasies and they are all valid.

We get taught so many wrong things about our sexuality from media, porn, families.

“This is how we should do things.”

“Please your man.”

“Men know what women want”

These are lies.

Your body is the only body knowing what you like and what you desire. There is no-one out there who knows what is best for you other than yourself. And it’s your responsibility to find out what you like. To be curious to discover yourself.

So the Tantric path is a path home to yourself. It’s a path of acceptance and of embracing yourself.

A path of discovery.

It all starts with understanding that sexual union is a bridge between body and soul.

It’s about feeling that sexual energy is a physical expression of spiritual power.

It’s really about bringing spirit back into love making.

So, how did this path manifest within my own body and soul?

First of all, I deeply embodied that my sexual pleasure doesn’t depend on anyone but myself.

The importance of regular self-pleasure has become a key priority in my life. And each time, I touch myself in ways I’ve never done before. I made a commitment to myself that the path of self-discovery will never end.

Sometimes, I call upon my dirty slut within myself.

Sometimes, I self-pleasure softly and slowly.

Other times, I wouldn’t touch myself at all and experience energetic orgasms.

And again other times, I play with my crystal wand to awaken my inner ecstasy.

When I move into sexual intimacy with a man, I’d go slow or wild or fast. Whatever I desire.

I speak my truth. I say what I want.

And my encounters with men differ and are a reflection of all the wild and controversial dreams that live inside of me.

Sometimes I meet a man and only a few hours later we’d make love in the woods. Be wild and dirty together.

Other times I’d take months to slowly get to know someone and we’d have hours of foreplay. So that my body and soul could fully open up to hours of orgasmic waves. Because foreplay is super crucial for women. We need time to fully open up.

This path is a continuous commitment to oneself.

And sisters, let me share two last things I discovered:

All the people we exchange sexual intimacy with leave an imprint in our bodies and it’s our responsibility to clear our body continuously in order to be free and to experience a blissful encounter with ourselves.

And let me clarify one last myth that is circulating across the planet: During slow love making we cannot feel. We need fast penetration.

This is a lie.

Slow love making is incredible. We all feel way more when we are slow.

Each time

we have hard sex

we use a virbrator

we rub on our clitoris

Our body creates an armor of protection. And the same goes for men.

So our body tries to protect us by creating a layer of protection and at the same time, it decreases our ability to truly feel the depth of sensation at that spot.

So when we come back to slow and deep love making,

when we walk the path of clearing and dearmoring our body,

we get to feel much more bliss and pleasure that we could have ever dreamed of.


we’re all able to experience full body orgasms.

we’re all able to feel sexual energy flushing through our body.

Are you ready to commit to a path of reprogramming your brain - so that you do no longer limit yourself?

Are you ready to clear your body and to get tools to awaken your sexual potential?


Join my free yourself program. It's a journey to really awaken your sexual potential!

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