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Hamburg & My identity shift

Hello loves,

As the sun is slowly setting in Hamburg and I'm looking out of my window from my new apartment in the center of Hamburg, I felt like sharing a little bit of an update with you.

Because again, so much has happened :)

I'd call this chapter of my life:

The Identity Shift.

From the countryside foreigner to the Hamburg city woman.

Almost two weeks ago, I moved into this apartment in the middle of Hamburg.

Would you, knowing me a little, have guessed that this would become my new home?

I even remember a conversation with a friend a few months back where she had asked me whether I’d ever live in the city again and I said “absolutely NO”.

And yet here I am.

I heard my voice saying:


I was damn skeptical.

And then it became: Apartment in the city.

I remained skeptical.

But here I am.

Everything aligned.

And I couldn't be more ME right now.

And I learned again that nothing is forever.

A version of myself is not forever.

An identity is not forever.

We shift.

We change.

We clear old identities as we place our feet onto the ground.

As we listen.

As we act.

And from one day to the next, our soul's desire shifts from living alone in the countryside to living right in the heart of a bigger city closer to family and friends. And it becomes a place where your service to this world becomes even bigger.

And I could have never imagined that I’d feel so rooted, grounded, happy and full of service while living in an apartment surrounded by humans and cars.

And I really believe that I could not have lived here a few months or years back.

I needed those 12 years abroad.

I needed to know what I stand for.

What I love.

What I fight for.

So that I can be grounded here.

Not fitting into any box.

But being ME in the chaos of the city and doing my unique contribution for a more magical world.

It’s crazy - isn’t it?

Life keeps surprising me.

Every day.

And so, from the city of Hamburg, I'll soon be launching my very first retreat in German and in the countryside close to Hamburg.

A one-day retreat.

A journey into the depth of

Your Feminine Heart

The 16th of April will be a day where your heart will expand and soften at the same time.

All the details will be revealed soon but you can already express your interest or reserve a spot via simply responding to this email.

It’ll be my first retreat in my mother tongue and I’m honored to share my life’s work in the language of my womb.




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