Friendship Breakups exist and we need to talk about them!

Dear friendship breakup,

I know that you are part of every single life on planet earth.

I know you come and go.

I’ve witnessed you myself

I’ve cried


felt alone

because of you



help us to reflect

remind us of the fact that some people come into our lives to simply teach us something and then move on.

Others are coming into our lives to stay forever and again others come and go like waves.

And then there are all the other tons of facets of friendships in between all of that.

But why are you so painful sometimes?

I think because we don’t talk about you enough. Because we treat you so differently to love breakups.

We need to talk about you more often to help everyone understand that you are such a crucial part of our lives and that we are not alone with you. That you are helping us to become the purest version of ourselves.

Friendship breakup, let this be a message to all my sisters out there to help them understand that it’s ok to feel you. That it’s ok to let go of a friend because when we do so, we create space for humans to come who are ready to meet that new version of ourselves.

Speak about it. Share.

Thank you friendship breakup for all your teachings,

Your sister from another planet.

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