Choosing love meant to leave.

The voice inside of me was saying: leave.

And my heart was scared. My heart was scared to lose him. My heart was scared to walk away from a man that I loved so deeply.

And my inner voice kept telling me that it’s time to move on. That it’s time to close this chapter. It was like I needed to break free from him in order to breathe again and in order to live life my way.


Who was I outside of our relationship?

Who was I not waking up next to him every day?

Who was I living my dreams which did not include him?

I knew that staying with him was “easier”. Staying with him meant that we’d marry, get kids and live life in a way that it was taught to me by society.

But was this what my heart wanted?


And still I was so scared. Scared of how it would feel like to wake up without him. Afraid that I’d never find love again.

And you know what helped me to leave?

Knowing that the most honoring of our relationship and of our love was to close our love container.

Choosing love meant to leave.

Your inner voice always guides you. You are the only one who knows what your heart really desires and each time you choose not to follow that voice, it’s like you are betraying yourself. During path to yourself in June in Portugal we’ll dive into the depth of what it means to live your life guided by your inner voice. You feel a spark? Come and join!