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A personal sharing ...

Puuuh sharing these words and this picture took me some time (or rather some deep breaths).

Many of us grow up seeing images of people in magazines,

on the beach and

displayed on social media.

And our brain thinks that this is the way that we shall all look like. We create a definition of beauty in our head: shape of breasts, color of skin, body size, … and then we look at our very own body and see all the things that don’t match.

And we start believing that the way that our breasts are shaped is wrong.

That the belly that we have is ugly.

Or that we actually really rather have the curly hair that our friend has.

*already seeing yourself in that?*

So here we go: Each time we look into the mirror we are blinded by what we created inside of our head and cannot see the perfection of beauty right in front of our eyes. And we forget that every single human looks different - is simply unique.

And on top of that we may hear comments about our appearance from our family or friends. And those comments feed the story that we created inside of ourselves.

And so we fail to remember that our body is phenomenal the way she is.

Because we are blind.

We created a story inside of our head.

But the truth is, we actually have a choice.

A choice to rewrite the script.

A script that has the title: I love my body!

It took me almost 30 years to love my body.

My curves (always wished my feminine curves to disappear).

My belly (always thought it’s too fat).

My nipples (always thought they have the wrong shape).

And I could go on and on.

I always tried to hide my body through

dark light

wider shirts

and by simply avoiding to show her.

And today I wish to tell you that your body is the freakin greatest gift you have.

Your body shape is the perfect match with your soul.

You were born inside this specific body for a reason and it’s beyond freeing to love every inch of her.

You are beautiful the way you are.

... I believe that really loving our body and all the inches of her is pure FREEDOM.

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