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22 things you might know (or not know) about me ...

  1. When I get asked “what makes you truly happy” my answer would be to live life to the fullest. Living the depth of my emotions and exploring all the nuances that this absolutely incredible universe has to offer.

  2. Born and raised in Hamburg, I left my hometown exactly 11 years ago and ever since have lived in 6 different countries and travelled to 30+.

  3. Right now, I live in Portugal (south/west 10 min off the ocean) and call this place my home.

  4. I used to work in the Australian outback at a wild rescue center for kangaroos (oh and also at a mango farm of 5,000 mango trees).

  5. The ocean is my home. Whenever I feel puzzled, am crying, or simply feel lost - I surrender to her deep wisdom.

  6. My childhood dream: Opening a retreat center/hotel in Greece - exactly like in the Mamma Mia movie! Oh yeeees.

  7. I am obsessed with growth and evolution.

  8. I became vegetarian (although I never ate fish after ending up in hospital when I was 3 yrs old after having eaten a fish soup) about 4 years ago. Have been fully vegan but now I believe and trust my flexible diet.

  9. I used to have a fake ID to get into clubs when I was 15 years old. And why? Because I simply wanted to dance!!

  10. I believe fully that our bodies can absolutely heal everything.

  11. I had my first kiss when I was 15 sitting on a bench next to a lake in Hamburg (well let me add, it was not the best ;)).

  12. I always knew deep inside of me that my purpose on this planet is to live my healing gifts and I knew that the healing with my feminine lineage (especially with my mom) had to be undertaken before I could embrace my calling.

  13. I looooove eating chocolate (especially chocolate & peanut butter muffins right now!!!!)

  14. I love dogs and Clara (my dog) is the best!

  15. I love RED.

  16. I have a tattoo on my left ankle (a little Australia which I got when my brother visited me while I was living there).

  17. My favourite movie as a teenager: Honey!

  18. When I was younger my brother and I would go to the electronics store and listen to CDs with headphones on. And I sang out loud (yep!) while listening and he laughed so much as most of my lyrics were made up.

  19. I used to dislike being a woman to the point that I would wear men's clothes, cut my hair short and dishonoured my sexuality for most of my life.

  20. My favourite sports: (right now) BodyBoarding is the best!

  21. I believe that we are here to love.

  22. The feminine is my path. SHE is why I am here. SHE is what I breathe in every single day and what I am here to awaken more and more each day. I am devoted to HER.

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