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path to yourself

A 6-day deep healing immersion into ancrestral clearing work, womb wisdom and female sexuality.

​There were times when I had no idea who I was. Where I belong. What I really liked.

I felt lost, scatered and ungrounded.


I kept identifying myself with other people.

Other people’s ideas and preferences.

I'd do things I didn’t like, to simply please others.

I’d move my body in ways I had seen other people do it.

I’d go to places where other people would usually go. 


But who was I? What did I like? I had no idea. 


Alongside that, I felt like I was lagging behind everyone else.


Did I somehow miss the "right" exit?

What on earth is my purpose in life?

When I started to look inwards instead of outwards.

When I began to ask myself what I wanted instead of what everyone else was doing.

Everything started to shift.

I began to listen to my inner voice which had actually been trying to get my attention all along.


“Hanna, there is more out there. It’s time to find yourself and to live your life. Because I can tell you that your unique path is f**** freaking awesome.”


And this was when I packed my bags and within one week moved from Serbia to Portugal. Following my inner voice...

I had no idea what was awaiting me in Portugal, I just knew I had to go.

And I am glad that I did, even though it was scary.

Following my inner voice again and again has led me into a whole new life.

One filled with:




Each day I discover that there is literally magic around each corner.

I see my once distant dreams manifest into reality again and again.

It's absolutely magical!

All through following my inner voice.

And you know what?

All of this is available to you, too.

You carry a gift that only you have.

And it's time to discover it and to live life your way.

I desire for you to find magic each and every single day.


Which is why I've created path to yourself.


A 6-day deep healing immersion in the most beautiful valley

in the south of Portugal.

At Monte Orada

20th - 26th of June 2021

Three main pillars will guide us throug the week as those are the fundamentals which will clear the way for you in order to fully embrace yourself.

Ancestral Linage

Your lineage influences you more than you believe. If your mom and grandmother didn't dare to live their dreams, you'll not be able to do this either. Not often spoken about, lineage clearing can free up so much.

Womb Wisdom

Your womb is talking to you every single day. And when you connect to her, you connect to your intuition and to your inner voice. Which is essential if you want to live your unique life, independent of other people's opinions.


Female Sexuality

Your sexuality is directly related to how confident you feel and to how much pleasure you allow into your life.  To live a life that surpasses your wildest dreams, you have to believe that you are worthy of more. And so we'll be creating space for more joy and more ecstacy within your body.


Throughout the week, you’ll experience


  • Breathwork (breath is our most ancient medicine)

  • Ancestral trauma release and lineage work (understanding where you come from and how your lineage has impacted you)

  • Womb clearing (making space to hear your intuition more clearly)

  • Yoni awakening (yeeeeees, there is an abundant amount of pleasure within your yoni (your vulva and vaginal canal and it’s time to fully awaken her)

  • Female sexuality

  • Midsummer ceremony

  • Naked dips into the atlantic ocean

  • Full Moon ceremony

  • And loads of surprises and magic on the most beautiful land we’ll be gifted to be on

So, beautiful woman, if you

  • feel that my words have sparked something inside of yourself

  • aren’t hearing your inner voice (intuition)

  • know that you are carrying ancestral stories and wounds within your body

  • don't know who you really are and are daring to find out

  • seek to find your own purpose in life

Then this immersion is for you.

I look forward to welcoming you into a safe container of freedom, joy and expansion.

You are here to be YOURSELF.




path to yourself

20th - 26th of June 2021

Monte Orada, Alentejo/Portugal

Price: Between 980 and 1180€

(depending on your choice of accomondation)

"Imagine you are walking a path, thinking you are walking it alone. You trust yourself to keep taking steps forward, but you also doubt. You take one more step into the unknown and, as you do, the sun breaks through the clouds and you feel it warm your whole body. You look around and realize that there are sisters you never knew you had, next to you, walking with you, supporting you. You look ahead smiling and see the path clearly in full sunshine.


This week brought a feeling of connection that I have seldom experienced in such depth: connection to myself, to the earth, and to the sisters surrounding me. It heightened all of my senses and left me feeling present, energized, inspired, and completely full of joy!


Hanna held space for us expertly, helping us each individually and while holding us all so beautifully as a group. You can feel Hanna's love and energy every step of the way.


It is still hard to believe how much shifted in one week. It was a journey back to myself, like diving into the depths of the ocean. Months later, I am still feeling the waves."


"After this one week immersion, I am feeling trustful in the NOW and excited about what all may come.


The journey was a great support in helping to reconnect to my womb space, to love and appreciate it. Once again I realized how deeply blessed i am to be alive. It was beautifully facilitated, full of love for details and a great sense of rhythm. Seeing women opening up to their beauty and uniqueness is gift and an experience itself, which goes beyonds words.


Hanna, you have a strong presence that ignites the sleeping fire and awakens the spirit. I appreciate your authentic, emotional and yet always holding and caring energy which reflects 100% into your facilitation style. So in one sentence: it was great pleasure to work with you!"


Your life is calling you.

Ready to get a feeling for where we'll spend

path to yourself?

Frequently asked questions

How does a typical day look like?

Typically, we'll get up with the sunrise. And then ... A feminine morning practice Delicious vegan breakfast + 2-3 hours of session in the morning Delicious vegan lunch Silent Time + 2-3 hours of session in the afternoon Delicious vegan dinner + sometimes an evening session or free time There will be space to be alone in silence. There will be movement each day. Each day will pick you up exactly where you are at!

I am scared to dive into those places ... what do you advise?

This is exactly where your body and soul are calling you to go to! Whatever we are most scared about, is what we most desire and where the deepest healing lies. And you can trust me that I'll create a safe container for you to feel relaxed in. My simple words for you are: Take the leap of faith and jump! There will be practices you'll be doing in pairs, groups and alone. But let me clarify, there is literally nothing you have to do. If you wish to stay sitting on the floor in silence for a whole session - then this is what you'll do. Everything I share is an invitation. And you choose if you take the invitation or not.

Will there be nudity at the immersion?

Yes there might be. But you'll feel if you'd like to go there or not. Everything will be an invitation. And there is something very sacred to be naked with trusted sisters around you.

Where do the methods come from that you'll be sharing?

All the teachings I'll be sharing with you are practices that I've witnessed on my own body. So, everything I share are methods that have changed my life. And these are practices coming from the Tantric, Taoist and Shamanic path.

I am not interested in group work - what do you advise?

If there has been a spark within your body reading the copy of my website: come! You'll be guided into a safe container of sisterhood. And let me share with you that this was one of the scariest things for me, to be with women in one room. And I've learned that when are able to fully surrender within a group of women, pure healing and magic happens. And again, there is literally nothing you'll have to do. This is your healing space and you do whatever calls you. I'll never push you to do anything!

So, what is the situation in Portugal as of now and what do you need to be aware of when travelling here?

19/05/2021 Do I need to submit a negative Covid-19 Test when entering Portugal? Yes. Every passenger must submit a negative SARSCoV-2 (RT-PCR) lab testing of 72 hours before boarding - read here. Do I need to submit a passenger locator card when flying into Portugal? Yes and you can find it here. When I fly back to my home country, can I get tested at the airport? Yes. You can read the country specific test regulations here and you can find the test centers here - both Faro and Lisbon airports have one. I fly back to Germany - is an antigen test sufficient? Yes, right now you only need an antigen test which you can do at the Lisbon or Faro airport for 30€. Please check again the information here before your departure in case anything has changed. I fly back into another European Country, what do I need to know? You can find all the necessary information here - just click onto your country and you'll find the respective information. Is the public transport working in Portugall?
Yes. All public buses are running and they’ll take you from Lisbon/Faro to Monte Orada or if you desire, you can also rent a car and discover the region before and after the immersion.
Of course, the travels restrictions might change and for those joining the immersion, I'll keep myself informed so that nothing stands in the way of you comng. Just so you know, Portugal has been considered the country with the lowest number Covid-19 cases. All restaurants, cafès, shops, etc are open and, in general, the country is radiating an open energy. The sun is shining and people are acting in a safe manner. It would be a blessing to have you here!

I signed up and then ... new Covid-19 measurements don't allow me to come?

If you cannot attend because of new Covid-19 measurements, then I will surely reimburse you fully. And I'll weave you into the prayers at the retreat and send you toooooons of ocean love.

"I‘m feeling so connected to my body (Literally, she has so much to say...) - like I can trust, feel and love her. And so grateful and curious to be on this journey, to have taken one step towards LIFE and OPPORTUNITY."


"I feel changed somehow and with that feeling also very moved and touched by a lot of different feelings and thoughts about myself and others.. But I feel also powerfull and strong, with a deep calmness and very grounded with inner peace and happiness."


"To all the women out there, I'd like to tell you:

Dare to dive into yourself."


"I used to struggle with self-doubt and self-judgement and never really felt comfortable in groups of women, as I was afraid of their judgement. Your work has fundamentally strengthened my trust in myself and the connections with the elements as well as other humans."


Join and be yourself, sister.

I'm Hanna and I truly love holding space through shamanic, tantric, and taoist arts. Trusting my body to guide me through a deep healing transformation has changed my life. Learning how to see and feel my body as the biggest gift has opened new dimensions of pleasure. I moved from sickness to love. From fear of sex to sex as something magical. From being unable to get pregnant to a healthy womb. The path towards trusting my own body and inner voice has changed my life. And I am now here to share what I have felt and heard. Come and join this immersion if you feel called to live life your way. Breathing and exhaling into aliveness & freedom alongside other sisters.


Come and join in sisterhood and show that it's possible to be YOU!