A 2-month sexual healing journey for the women who are ready to liberate their own sexuality & sensuality.

Dear woman,

I'm inviting you to join me on a ride that will change not just the way you connect to your sexuality but will literally ripple through all areas of your life. The truth is that once we connect with our own sexuality, we connect to our life-force energy - with the most potent energy there is -  and when we dive into this connection, we give birth to so much more that wants to live through us.

Let me take you through a part of my own journey...

When I was younger, I had endless bladder infections, was diagnosed with PCO, felt that sex equals pain and hence never self-pleasured, had an operation as my vagina was partially closed, never looked at my vulva, and in general never really desired true love making. I went from doctor to doctor feeling heavily exhausted from not finding a solution to my so called problems. Until the point I almost accepted that this was all normal and just the way it is.


I was afraid to be a woman and to live my sexuality.

I was carrying wounds from my lineage that I had no idea of.​

It took me many years until I finally understood that my soul is speaking to me through my body and that there is more out there!

More of me.

More of my sexuality.

That I am here to fully live my life and that my sexuality is a direct mirror of how I choose to live my life. That my sexuality is my path to true liberation.

The pain and feelings I described above are no longer part of my reality.

On the contrary, I live in a body that is full of sexual energy. I feel more alive than I've ever felt before. I have extensive self-pleasure sessions. I've never suffered again from PCO or bladder infections and not once have had pain during sex again.


Frankly, this work has absolutely changed my life. The Tantric, Taoist and Shamanic path has opened my heart, my body, my soul and re-connected me with my divine feminine.


This medicine will ripple out through your entire life - are you ready, beautiful woman?

"In our last session I was looking at myself in the mirror, and I could see the wildness, the fire, the joy for life in me sparkle and shine and I just 'stood there in awe' for this free, beautiful, wild yet loving woman that is me." Maya

liberate yourself is my own sexual healing journey wrapped into a gift for you to receive, so that you can live a life anchored in your unique sexuality.


This program is divided into two elements:

Healing & Liberation


First we'll clear your body and soul from sexual wounds that you are carrying and then we'll liberate your own sexuality. Some of the themes we'll dive into are:

  • Yoni Connection & Clearing (deepening your relationship with your feminine core and clearing energies that are stored inside of her)

  • Past Lover Clearing (our past lovers stay in our field if we don't clear them from us, so let's do this important work together)

  • Body Acceptance (falling in love with every inch of your body)

  • Core Erotic Themes (sister, let's talk about what arouses you)

  • Pleasure Practices (bringing you deeper into your body so that you can start feeling more and more pleasure in all parts of your body)

You'll leave this incredible program ...

... feeling so much MORE inside your own body.

... having experienced new levels of SELF-LOVE.

... feeling PLEASURE in parts of your body where you've never felt bliss before.

... knowing what arouses you and how to communicate your DESIRES.

... being more COMFORTABLE in your own skin and the shape of your body.

... feeling proud for having had the COURAGE to dive into your own sexual healing.

... being anchored in a new dimension of SISTERHOOD as you've been on this journey together.

In a nutshell, you'll know YOURSELF more after these two months and you'll feel a true sense of sexual liberation running through your cells!

And now, let's talk practical:

* Opening: 23rd of October 8pm CET

* Closing: 18th of December 8pm CET

* And in between we meet every Thursday at 8pm CET

* Each session lasts approx 90 to 120minutes

* All sessions will be recorded for you & uploaded online

* Additional material will be sent in between sessions

* In total 10 live sessions + 2 extra surprises (announced after registration)


Your investment

666 Euro

special EarlyBliss price for the entire program

*the price will go up to soon*

I now realize everything is perfect and I can take my time ....

“It was difficult for me to tell my partner I wanted to do a course on my sexuality and to spend the money. But I am SO glad I did it. I honestly think if I had not, I would not have ever opened this connection to my body and to my desires, and it would have ruined my relationship with him.

I was very scared about getting in touch with my sexuality and awakening my body. I was afraid of what it would mean about myself or about whether it would be done correctly. I now realize everything is perfect and I can take my time and my body will guide me, and that I'm actually beautiful!

I am loving myself! It feels beautiful and cozy to be me. I feel creative and powerful. I feel like I have deeper emotions (of all kinds!) now and they are new to me, and I am exploring them." Liliana


After having read through my invitation, I invite you to notice how your body feels. Close your eyes. Take a breath.

Do you feel a tickling sensation?

Do you feel triggered/excited/nervous?

Do you feel a YEEEES this is where I need to be?

I trust that you'll know if this program will support you into becoming the next version of your beautiful self and if it's the course that will support you in writing your own sexual script.

What I know for sure is that this will be the most safe, liberated and pleasurable program and I'm freakin excited to see you there if one of the seats is yours.

My body is for sure tingling writing these words and I have a massive smile on my face as I just cannot wait to open this incredible space for deep sexual healing.

In gratitude and deep prayer to this medicine,