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Hanna Logo white logo.png

Your feminine magnificence is calling you home!

Hello beautiful soul ... I'm Hanna!

Liberator...Coach...Healer + your biggest champion to bring more of yourself to life

My work is all about supporting women in creating a life led by their hearts, with their yonis pulsating pleasure to their core and who lean into the magic of life. I believe that our biggest wounds and traumas hold the key to our most passionate and fulfilling life.

Are you ready to liberate yourself,

beautiful woman?


"Working with Hanna is a pelgrimage journey to unravel who you truly are."


"She invites your voice, your needs, your passion to come to the surface and simultaneously invites you to release and clear what ever is holding you back. This is not the work of one women, this is the work of many women.


Hanna taps into ancient women wisdom, and is supported by Mother Nature and her elements. It all melts together resulting into a healing journey that is divinely orchestrated through Hanna because she lives and breathes Love. In all forms. All day. Love for the Universe, Love for oneself and Love for all around her.


Thank you Hanna for sharing your lifework."


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