To a life rooted in your body and feminine essence.

Are you ready to unleash your feminine spirit?

Are your ready to fully dive into your bodys wisdom?

Are you ready to live your life unapologetically?

Are you ready to awaken your deepest pleasure?

Over the past years, I've dived deep into the feminine arts of living life and I am here to share them with you. I am here to remind you to connect with your womb. I am here to remind you of the magnificence of your yoni. I am here to remind you to live a life fully rooted in your body. I am here to remind you that it's your birthright to be you.

Connection . Nature . Expression

healing for you

We will create a safe space to allow your full self to be seen, heard and respected. In all my private sessions, I'll pick you up exactly where you are at and we will start this journey together. The length of the sessions as well as how long we journey together depends totally on where you are at.

Everything I do is designed for you, there is no "package", there is just my heart and body passioante to support you through your unique path of healing. Through my work with the five elements, tantric rituals, ancient shamanic ceremonies and Taoist practices, I will journey with you towards the depth of your soul.

To be, to release and to simply be alive!

  • Connecting with your feminine body

  • Appreciating your feminine body

  • Feeling your own feminine body

  • Synchronizing your menstrual cycle

  • Being and seeing who you are

  • Releasing sexual trauma

  • Clearing trauma & ancestral trauma

  • Awakening your feminine spirit

  • Welcoming your sexual energy

  • Communicating your truth

She knows her path.

She knows her truth.

She walks her soulpath.


My inner feminine voice.

My inner feminine compass.